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  1. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    It looks like I got beat at the last minute. At 10:53, I retook the #1 spot. and at 10:59 I fell to #2. The official results come out at 2pm this afternoon after they have cerified the votes. I'll update when it is official.
  2. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    Yes you did brother, thank you very much!
  3. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    Thank you so much Brother!
  4. Boog

    Greetings from south central Kansas

    Hello @nas6208 and welcome from Virginia.
  5. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    Good morning and happy Thanksgiving Day to you all! At 11pm tonight, they have the final cut for my group, the top person moves on to the next round. While I am still behind the leader in my group, I have faith that with your and your friends daily votes can overtake him and I will prevail...
  6. Boog


    Hello @C-squared and welcome form Virginia. About that KM silliness; we have been working for 15 years to get those (others) to stop thinking like that and get them on to the correct measurement of miles. Don't go encouraging them to regress... ;)
  7. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    I am still running behind right now. Thank you for your daily votes and special thanks to those who are adding donation votes. They have 2 for 1 donations for a few more hours. I appreciate your help!
  8. Boog

    Greetings from Poland

    Hello Krzysiek and welcome from Virginia.
  9. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    My chief competitor in my group "TJ" is still number 1 in the group. It appears his donation votes have put him ahead. Please continue your daily voting as I believe I have more of these than he does. I appreciate your support. Bobby Powell | Dream Chopper
  10. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    For the first time in the competition, I am not on top of my group. Please continue your daily votes, and for the next 6+ hours, they are allowing two for one donation votes to the SPCA. Bobby Powell | Dream Chopper
  11. Boog

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Decided to winterize Brahma. I added the lowers @Sparky59 sent me, I took off the BeadRider, and put the worn out HippoHands on. Bring in the cold! You can see the difference from the smaller OEM deflectors and the newer improved version from Sparky. Installs easily enough with just two bolts...
  12. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    After more looking, I have found at least 154 groups. I've got my work cut out for me...
  13. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    The good news first: I made the cut last night and am still in first place of my group of five people now. the long row to hoe is still ahead as now I can see at least 93 other groups. Next weeks they cut to the top person in each group and then build new groups from them. Thanks again for your...
  14. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    This round of voting ends tonight at 11pm when the top five of each group are identified. I am still #1 in my group and thank you for keeping me on top. Please share my link on your page and also why I am in this. Thank you again for your help.
  15. Boog

    Dream Bike Build Competition OCC

    One day and a few hours for this round of voting. Thanks again for your daily vote everyone.
  16. Boog

    I know I'm a sign nut.

  17. Boog

    New member!

    Hello Aksaje and welcome from Virginia. We don't know why you waited so long either. Maybe try asking a new question... ;)
  18. Boog

    Waiting for rain to subside before first ride

    Hello @Chinook and welcome from Virginia.
  19. Boog

    New member

    Hello @Glassback59 and welcome from Virginia.
  20. Boog

    New member

    Hello @Chris Lett and welcome from Virginia. I wish you the best of luck with this restoration and look forward to seeing your progress. Please start another "Re-Build" thread so we can follow along.
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