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  1. Moz

    Oil Filter

    I doubt it but thankfully it's just a few bolts & it swings out of the way. Can't see any reason another brand filter would make any difference unless it was substantially shorter.
  2. Moz

    Hydraulic Lifts for my Rocket3 GT

    I use one the same design as the ConStands - straight under the engine & lifts both wheels. No issues with balance when removing the wheels either.
  3. Moz

    Pegs slippery when wet

    Have done heaps of rain riding, no issues with slippery pegs.
  4. Moz

    External Temperature Sensor

    Turn the bars to the right & have a look behind the black cowl behind the headlights that the fly screen bolts to the top off. The hose from the sensor runs down the edge here & terminates above the bottom triple clamp - follow this up & check if it's kinked/pinched anywhere.
  5. Moz

    lets talk about non rocket riders

    Seems a bit like arguing over which is the best flavor of ice cream 😕
  6. Moz

    External Temperature Sensor

    I had the same thing with mine & was able to compare that with a friends R3 bought at the same time. Turned out that the rubber hose leading to the temp sensor was kinked & restricting airflow. I just rerouted & now it's reading within 0.5'C of the other R3.
  7. Moz

    Rear brake gone.

    I wonder if Triumph & Ducati are using the same component from a supplier? Something related to an ABS module I think it was.
  8. Moz

    Designing a new rear fender - winter project

    Now if that extended out manually (or at the push of a button) for when it rained... for sure! 👍
  9. Moz

    3R/GT Tire Choices

    I'm happy to try other tyres but I prefer to have front & rear matched. Might try the 888's next as I've just about worn out my second set of Cobras at 15,000km. I really wish Michelin made the Road 6 in these sizes.
  10. Moz

    Lemon Law Rockets

    Sorry to hear about the grief your having. I've also experienced the most amount of "character" from my 1st ever non Japanese bike but thankfully, both the Dealer & Triumph here have been absolutely on point sorting everything quickly & without a fuss.
  11. Moz

    Weight hoopla

    Yep, apparently this bike is too heavy to move around "properly", the tyres are too wide so it won't tip into corners & will just tram line into the first tree, you can't tour on it because the tank is too small to cross a continent in one go, there's no luggage options for 20+ days of stuff &...
  12. Moz

    What lift ?

    I've got one just like it & it lifts the bike just fine.
  13. Moz

    Killer Deal on Triumph Heated Grips for 2.5 Rockets

    DIY or Dealer? I heard that they needed to be software enabled so that it would appear in the instrument cluster also
  14. Moz


    Other than longevity, are you expecting iridium plugs to be "better" than standard plugs & if so, how so?
  15. Moz

    Outer temperature

    There's two temp sensors - one for the engine ecu & the other (behind the front panel) for the ambient temp displayed on the dash.
  16. Moz

    Outer temperature

    Yes, have compared to other bikes including another 3R. Sensor is probably ok, the tube bringing air to it could be the problem. Engine temp is unlikely to be affecting it, especially when on the move. See this other thread
  17. Moz

    Temperature gauge

    Mine was always about 5'C warmer than actual & that of my friends R3 - bugged the hell out of me. The ambient temp sensor is a stand alone one (i.e. separate to that used by the engine management) and is located under the front cover with a rubber tube routed down behind the LHS fork. The tube...
  18. Moz

    2021 3R Dash

    Slo1, Really appreciate those photos - thank you! Looks like it'd be a superglue rebuild like imcool said.
  19. Moz

    2021 3R Dash

    There was Poll thread awhile ago about the cracked screens - IIRC, they were all from Oz models. Mine has been replaced under warranty and a friend is awaiting his 2nd screen replacement again now. btw, it's a full gauge replacement and software reload. P.S. when the bezel fell off, can you...
  20. Moz

    Making a mounting point.

    Have wondered about something similar for awhile now - will be following this with interest. Seems silly that a rack/sissy bar can't be added/removed simply from the top (once removing those silver trim pieces). Triumph for whatever reason decided that bolting it on from underneath after...