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  1. xhdskip

    How about REintroduce yourself?

    Hey guys, Remember me? For the old timers on here who remember, I backed out of the forum a few years ago when I started a new project. I was building a generator that required no fuel, but would put out usable 110 and 220 AC power. The only one who has seen it from the forum, is Lupe. But...
  2. xhdskip

    For Sale Guess I'll sell 1 Black Rocket, and the motor off a Red one

    Hi guys, been awhile since I been on here. Seen alot of new (at least to me) names when I logged on. Been busy the last few years trying to get my generator into a sellable condition. Safety, looks, ease of operation, etc. Haven't taken time to ride in a few years now, looked at the tag the...
  3. xhdskip

    2015 buckles

    hi guys, haven't had a chance to log on and post a lot in the last year or so, but I did find time to design and order some buckles and wanted to show them here for your approval or distain. Now, they haven't arrived yet, so all we can do is look right now, BUT, I'd sure like your input. Here's...
  4. xhdskip

    Triumph Buckles

    Guys, here's the latest "proof" of the latest limited edition buckles. They're not ordered yet, so suggestions are welcome. this might also be a good place to put up some pictures of your buckle collection if ya want to. Anyway, here's the latest proof. What do you guys think? Thanks, skip...
  5. xhdskip

    harley hunting club

    Guys, We really need a "harley hunting club" patch. We all like surprising the sport bike riders too, but harley riders think everybody aspires to harley ownership. I want to get us some harley hunting club patches made up. Anybody got any ideas? maybe a V-twin motor in the crosshairs? go good...
  6. xhdskip

    RAT pack patches

    ok, Most everybody bought their bike from a dealer, some bought second hand but they still got a dealer somewhere around right? As everyone undoubtedly knows, Triumph only endorses RAT packs through the dealers. Some packs have their own patches some don't. If your dealer has a RAT pack patch...
  7. xhdskip

    How To use TuneECU

    I watched a video of a guy using and explaining the TuneECU program on a Triumph Tiger 1050. Answered a lot of questions. Didn't explain everything about it, like the F & I tables, didn't explain anything on the diagnostic end of it, but quickly hit on enough of it to make it less intimidating...
  8. xhdskip

    Rocket Paint Jobs

    ok guys, I know we all got pictures of our bikes in our albums, and I've looked through most of them at one time or another, but I'm wanting a custom paint job on mine, in keeping with my theme... so thought I'd start a thread for just the custom paint jobs. A place where we could post one or...
  9. xhdskip

    does it ever end

    well, I posted these pics in the moly thread but since not everybody will see them there, I'll start another thread here with the latest mods and soon to be additions. Here's my new 2.5" exhaust pipes mounted to Jardine headers. Now true, they need heat shields, but I wanted to ride and hear...
  10. xhdskip

    oil change intervals ( Members survey)

    Nope, you're right, he's wrong. You care about your bike, he's there to make money. i usually change mine about every 10,000 miles. Don't wash it that often, but that's not a requirment like oil is.
  11. xhdskip

    Ozark rat raid

    coming up quick. gonna be there the first day myself, anybody else going. a lot of good rides and cool bikes. Ozark Rat Raid
  12. xhdskip


    Guys, There was a box made and given away 2 years ago at out our annual Rockets Across America get together. The infamous JDuke had it there as a gift. I saw it and instantly wanted one, he said he'd tend to it. Today, I got it in the mail with a note that said, "Sorry for the delay". Excellent...
  13. xhdskip

    Triumph dealership burned

    Had our local, (to me and Lupe anyway) Triumph, victory, polaris and indian dealer catch fire Saturday night in the parts dept. and they lost everything . No damage to the bikes that were out on the showroom, but the bldg. needs redone. Structurally still sound, but the interior is smoke damaged...
  14. xhdskip

    Triumph R.A.T.

    Well, I just spoke with Peter Carrillo at Triumph North America. I asked about the R.A.T. organization, and how best to utilize this entity and volunteer my services. His reply was, "Triumph Corp. turned the Rat part over to the individual dealers in (he thought) '06". I mentioned we got '08...
  15. xhdskip

    vinyl window stickers

    vinyl window decals/stickers stickers, decals, not sure what to call them, but I had some 6" vinyl window decals...
  16. xhdskip

    finally pics of risers

    I know it's been a long time coming. But the wife finally slowed down from her working, childcare duty's, Dr. visits for grandbabies, taxi cab duty's today long enough to take some pictures of my risers. Tell me what you guys think. Personally, I like em. way more comfortable on shoulders...
  17. xhdskip


    Cadfather, what's the latest bro. you've just been on my mind Joe, so thought I'd ask.
  18. xhdskip

    right side off/on switch

    Guys, I know there is a fake headlight kill switch on the right side, that is, the "fake button" doesn't move. I also know I want to put a headlight kill switch in its place. So that when I'm starting the bike, it won't be a draw on my battery. I could just put a toggle switch in the line, but...
  19. xhdskip

    My headlight mod

    Well, this is what I've gone and done now. I'd like to hear your responses and opinions on it. Either Pro or Con, it doesn't matter, just your honest opinions. like it, or think it looks like a monster praying mantis? I still have to get the bracket powder coated, so take that into account, but...
  20. xhdskip

    On board Spares....

    ignition switch unless you intend to do the eastern beaver relay mod right off. extra TPS extra clutch lever extra brake lever extra clutch cable might want to consider an extra mirror too. that should get you through the first 4 or 5 years and a few tip overs. skip