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  1. Headlight Modulator

    I have had a Kisan for 4 years and they definately work 98% of whe time when you make eye contact with a driver at an intersection they are already looking at you, very good insurance. mikeg
  2. Confused

    You also got to pay homage and bare yo Ass to the Dragon
  3. Poor Nigel...LONG!!

    :shock: WOW now that Really f#*ks with my head :roll: mikeg
  4. 2005 Rocket iii

    :D Love is in the air 'Da Doody Dum Do' 8)
  5. echo cycle rocket

    :shock: Faaaa.....ark
  6. Front tire scalloping

    :roll: Same on mine probably got another 3000Km's on it (1800ml) after 16000km's, but will have to whatch it because its out of shape, and its definately roundabouts look at an old aussiebikerdave post. mikeg
  7. High watt headlights

    In the last couple of months one of our Aussie R3 owners posted a not on a light globe of the same wattage but of a different Type that ran very cool and had very high light intensity from memory I think it was an ARB product (an Aussie 4WD accessory manufacturer) and was worth about A$90 for a...
  8. rocket blows white smoke on start up occasionally?

    :D condensation I reckon mine does it too on days with a heavy dew. Mike
  9. LED Tail light and Head light modulator

    The comagination unit is a 15 minute install and i have had one for about 8 months now on low beam and am convinced they work well. Mikeg
  10. Funny about that

    :( We all Know that the speedo runs slow, but isn't facinating how accurate the odometer is on the same instrument feeding from the same signal. Is Triumph being nice to the speed demons?
  11. No. 2 to get on members list

    Tom sorry for delay in getting back I'm preping my old Matchless for a 2 day vintage event this weekend. To answer your Q it all looks normal and its your server that comes back upload successfull, sorry for being a pest. Mike
  12. No. 2 to get on members list

    Tom It goes through all the motions and says it is uploaded successfully, but then you cannot find were they have gone. Thanks Mike
  13. No. 2 to get on members list

    :) Hi fella's this is to get on the members list (2 posts) but I still can't upload photos :confused:
  14. mikeg_capel

    here we go, here we go, here we go. Are we there yet :p
  15. Rocket O2 Sensor

    :D Way to go G-Man real time madness
  16. Touring Rocket

    There are many ways of making your bike up to two weeks, I have found it. Is all I need is a airhawk to keep my arse in tact. Anyway enough of that, here is alink that will give you 75 litres of storarage for less than 300 Bucks Aus. more to come, put file gives me the ****s with file size I...
  17. Headlight Modulators Hit Out

    Here is the link mikeg
  18. Headlight Modulators Hit Out

    Billy I have mine on the low beam, its an apparent flash because of the modulation of light intensity. The reason they do not go off completely is so the lamp does not get stressed and reduce life
  19. Headlight Modulators Hit Out

    They flash your headlights between approx. 30% and 100% at 180 to 200 cycles per minute. Also they have a light sensor on them so only operate in day time. mikeg