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  1. Seanii Plunkett

    RIII Roadster fuel injectors

    Hello All, The bike was running like a pig on a return run to Guyra from Byron Bay the other day and much trouble shooting has narrowed the problem down to a malfunctioning fuel injector. Triumph Australia want $330AUD for one injector. Question is, are the ones on the Rocket ( 2010 Roadster)...
  2. Seanii Plunkett

    Fuel pump died... then the next one too.

    Hello all, My fuel pump started making very loud under tank noises and died at the beginning of a ride just after I filled the tank. I had a spare one in the shed as I didn't like the noise the day before and had ordered one, so I replaced that and away she went. Next day I took it for a ride...
  3. Seanii Plunkett

    Ridiculously long RDU videos. gives you an idea what riding is like in Australia away from the coast where most people are too afraid to leave. This is only day 2. Day one is also posted and there are another 3 days riding. I'm trying to out-do a bloke named James Allmond who posts really long Ural vids and also...
  4. Seanii Plunkett

    Out and about again

    Sidecar cam at it again. Following my mate's A10 Beeza I was surprised how well it goes. ( Until it broke a clutch cable not far from home and I had to give him a life in the sidecar with Seamus.) In the second one we go up a dirt road and dodge skippies.
  5. Seanii Plunkett

    Speedo Accuracy ( Or lack thereof)

    Hi all, I get the feeling my 2010 Roadster's speedo is somewhat optimistic. Sitting on 3 grand on the tacho on mine is an indicated 125 or so kmh. At that speed I'm only travelling marginally faster than most cars on the freeway. My old Garmin Nüv gps continually reads about 5 to 8 kmh slower...
  6. Seanii Plunkett

    A new vid or two.

    Have posted a couple of new videos on You Tube featuring the Rocket and sidecar cam. Just normal riding around the place but you get an idea of how the Viking Zorst sounds etc. I think it's hilariously fast for something with a giant man-bag attach to the side.
  7. Seanii Plunkett

    Gremlins in the electrickery.

    Hi all, To try and keep it brief: the Rocket began running rough as guts on a ride today after a fuel stop and I had to nurse it the 40km home. The fuel gauge started showing empty though it was full and then the neutral light started showing in any and all gears. I got her home and had a...
  8. Seanii Plunkett

    Another Rocket meet?

    Just saw this on Facebook for those interested. I'm keen to go. Just putting it here in case it might clash with the RDU dates. It's being organised by Andrew Causer who was at the South West Rocks ride.
  9. Seanii Plunkett

    New Zorst for the Rocket

    Have recently acquired and fitted my lovely new exhaust from Paul Bryant's Viking Exhausts. It's a slip on muffler set up with the original headers. Beautifully made, it was easy to fit and all parts fitted without any changes or mods required. Being a slightly older codger, I like the more...
  10. Seanii Plunkett

    Merry Xmas

    To one and all From the Hillbillies. Hope you have a good one, wherever you are.
  11. Seanii Plunkett

    For Sale Touring screen for Roadster for sale.

    Selling my genuine Triumph screen which came off my 2010 Roadster. I never use it and probably never will so decided it might make a down payment on a gorgeous Zorst from Paul Bryant. In as new condition. For sale in NSW Australia. Will happily deliver it to the Newcastle/central coast/Hunter...
  12. Seanii Plunkett

    Perth and Back 25 minutes or less. :whitstling:
  13. Seanii Plunkett

    Rocket sidecar cam

    Have been posting the odd video made from the sidecar on my 2010 Roadster. Nothing too exciting, just vids as I'm traveling. Not going hard, just doing what the Rocket does well....eating miles easily. Some from other places might like to see some Australian scenery and roads etc. There's a few...
  14. Seanii Plunkett

    Wot's den Show and Shine

    Anyone else going to this?
  15. Seanii Plunkett

    Greetings from Guyra NSW

    Hello from the northern tablelands. I am the proud new owner of a 2010 Roadster which we intend to attach a sidecar to as we travel with two dogs and I am a bit gone in the legs after a prang in 1981 when I was 19. The Rocket is the 7th Triumph I have owned and certainly the most incredibly...
  16. Seanii Plunkett

    Sidecars in Oz.

    G'day We recently bought a 2010 Roadster and want to have a sidecar fitted. Has anyone here in OZ done this to their Rocket? We have a home made job on my old BMW K100 but the Rocket is going to require a little more serious gear. Are there any members who have done this? Seems like there are...