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  1. Bob spruce

    I have a 05. It just started kicking out 4th gear.

    It goes into gear. But kicks out under load. All the other gears work great. It kicks out and there is some clatter, I can shift into 5th and its fine. Is there any adjustments that would make it not kick out? I want to add a 6th gear if I open it up. But riding season is starting and I don't...
  2. Bob spruce

    Oil leak

    I have a 05 Rocket and there is a leak behind the oil tank, its seems like a lot. Could it be from the head. Or an o ring in the oil tank connections? Anybody seen this?
  3. Bob spruce

    Transmission not engaging

    05 Classic. I put in a new clutch and detent spring. I have put it all back together. And it's not engaging the transmission. Will move to neutral, but when you click first at acts like it is going into gear. But it's not. Is that a clutch cable adjustment?. I replaced the cable also.
  4. Bob spruce

    Clutch is in

    The fibers and cover and springs installed. My question is, before I put the front cover on. I have tried pulling on the lifter. It moves in and out. But if i pull on real hard. Is it supposed to move out and compress the springs. This is all new to me. I was wondering how it works. Or when...
  5. Bob spruce

    Clutch install

    05 Roadster gray motor I replaced the dent spring. I received a mtc clutch kit. When I put the clutch outer drum in. The drum seems back far enough. But the two gears are not completely meshed. The outer one seems to be overhanging the primary gear. The book says to go thru a hole and preload...
  6. Bob spruce

    05 Rocket silver detent spring

    I am replacing the clutch. So decided to replace detent spring. How do you replace it. She is very hard to get too. Or do you unscrew the Allen bolt and does the whole unit pull out to get to it? That would be easier, If I don't.
  7. Bob spruce

    I have a 05 Rocket. I am chasing a short. Brake/turn signal/horn.

    the fuse blows when my wife rides with me. Hit a dip in the road and blows the fuse. I took the rear wheel off went over each wire and shrink tubed them all. Then it still did it. The rear brake light switch seems to be not working. When I test the switch it reads open,not touching the brake...