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  1. biker1059

    Fluid extractor

    So, if you are wandering about how much oil a extractor will pull out of the Rocket engine, the answer is a little over 2.5 quarts. Not worth the effort. Much easier to pull the 3 plugs and drain. I have the OEM Tool-5.3 liter extractor. Works great on cars and trucks, this is the way I change...
  2. biker1059

    RAT patches

    Anyone else collect or have these patches? I only have the ones that I have owned a Triumph
  3. biker1059

    Blank plug under seat

    So, I'm out looking at the Rocket and noticed a plug on the left side under the seat. I've seen the plug many times and assumed that it was plugged into something. I was going to trace it out to see what it might be but I gave it a tug and the plug came out of its holder and it just had blanks...
  4. biker1059

    Dealer Tool

    Can someone please post the web address to purchase a Dealertool and any instructions that might make the purchase easier. Thanks in advance.
  5. biker1059

    Passenger seat

    So, what is the size difference between the stock passenger seat on the GT and the comfort seat? Size wise.
  6. biker1059

    Temp sensor

    So I took the GT out on its maiden voyage and about 30 miles in I get the high temp light. Of course I'm in the middle of nowhere and starting to freak a little. I pull over and the fans are not running, the bike does not seem hot at all and is running great. I'm thinking the best thing to do is...
  7. biker1059

    Injector cleaner

    What are you guys using to clean your injectors? Just plain injector cleaner?
  8. biker1059

    Popping at idle

    Having a little popping at idle on the bike and can't figure it out. Starts really after the bike is warmed up, when cold it idles pretty good. Not a real bad popping but just a little sputter here and there. Bike has 18k miles on it w/ triple K&Ns, O2 senser removed. Was thinking about changing...
  9. biker1059

    Tuneboy cable

    Got my cable back from Tuneboy today for repair, hooked it up and no response from 2 different computers. Don't know if its the cable or what. If anyone is close to Longview, Tx I'll send you my cable and you can try it out with your tuneboy to see if its the cable or not. I'll pay postage both...
  10. biker1059

    powder coat alternative

    Here's a product I saw on another forum that looks pretty good. Don't think its as good as powder coating but worth a try. I think I'm going to get some to put on the bear claw and other chrome bits. Home -
  11. biker1059

    Cow Herding

    Here's something to waste a couple of minutes of your life Having fun with RC cars and cows. [VIDEO]
  12. biker1059

    Take Five

    What a great song, Brubeck is cool. Search Results Brubeck
  13. biker1059

    Funny Movie Clips

    Here's a few, made me laugh YouTube - ‪Bob Hope in "The Ghost Breakers"‬‏ A classic YouTube - ‪Who's on first?‬‏
  14. biker1059

    Eagle's Nest

    Here's a link to a live feed at an eagle's nest in Iowa. Three eggs in the nest, one hatched yesterday the other today and waiting on the third. Also killed a rabbit yesterday for baby food.
  15. biker1059

    WWII Iwo Jima Pictures

    Borrowed this from the Valkrye forum. Very impressive.
  16. biker1059

    Radiator Fan

    I've noticed that the radiator fan on my 09 Rocket comes on more than the one on my 05 did. Ridin the last couple of days in mid 50 degree weather, within a minute the fan is kicking on if I'm at a stop idling. On my 05 Rocket the fan never kicked on unless it was in the 90s, and then it took a...
  17. biker1059

    Tune for Triple K&Ns

    What tune is everyone using that has TORS,cat bypass and triple K&Ns? I have a standard 09 Rocket w/Tuneboy. I looked through the tunes that are posted and some of them are PC tuned also. I didn't know if that would make a difference.
  18. biker1059

    Fuel Tank Badges

    Try a hair dryer. Works on car badges.
  19. biker1059

    What octane gas?

    87 here too.
  20. biker1059

    Summer tunes

    Well the weather is hot now 97 degrees. I've been noticing that my exhaust is smelling a little rich. So I went into Tuneboy and lightened up the L tables at the bottom end, 3% so far and no decel poping. Does anyone else run different tunes in summer and winter? I know air density is different...