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  1. bruce aussie

    Family day at Rocklea Truck and Tractor Show.

    Dad and Andre.
  2. bruce aussie

    That will get your attention

    This happened to a mate at speed on the way to Phillip Island on Monday. Have not got the full story yet but I'll bet it was exciting.
  3. bruce aussie

    Up Mt Tamborine today

    CES prototype 2, Reband CES muffler, CES prototype 1.
  4. bruce aussie

    Some one had a bad day.

    Tw 25 year old blokes in this at 2am this morning went over the edge near Yamba Hotel. Ended up on the rocks to the left of Main Beach. Only minor lacerations to both men, very lucky boys.
  5. bruce aussie

    A few years on

    The two people in my avatar picture 35 years on
  6. bruce aussie

    Too much time on his hands

  7. bruce aussie

    A photo of home

    Woodenbong. Home is the middle white speck in the clearing half way up the right hand side of the photo. The shining roof is dad's shed, the house has a green roof. The Gold Coast is about 110klm away straight over the top of Mt Lindsay. Not my photo I can't fly.
  8. bruce aussie

    ArchersFalls yesterday

    Just a few of yesterday on again today will be bigger and bet
  9. bruce aussie

    Black Dog Across America.

    Just saw the bad news on TV that a Western Australian woman was tragically killed in Colarado while on this ride with her husband today. They were riding with 65 other riders from Australia when a flock of Turkey flew up and one hit the rider causing him to loose control, run off the road and...
  10. bruce aussie

    Nissan Patrol for sale

    Anyone want a 2000 model 3 litre turbo diesel patrol. 208000klm, 4 cooper tyres done 15000klm, ARB steel bullbar, towbar, electric brake controller, Anderson plug through smart relay, hard spare cover. Interior as new, carpets and seats not a mark, two marks on the outside. Just spent $4500 on...
  11. bruce aussie

    Another pipe

    Saw this today at Dayboro owner said Fred from Pro Cycle got someone in Moss street to make it about 6 years ago. Had heat shields covering the whole thing. Muffler can looked very low at the front. I think I would wear a hole in it. What about the colour @TOMCAT
  12. bruce aussie

    30 years ago today

  13. bruce aussie

    Greasefest 2015

    A few photos from yesterday. There's more on FB at Rusty Truck Photos. @TOMCAT we met Chooky yesterday, said to say hello. Also Robbie from Triumph Springwood asked how you were going. Painfull place for a door handle Gotta get me a little green rocket for my Ftruck
  14. bruce aussie

    Australian Triples Rally

    Holty will be there taking photos. I'll post some when he puts them up.
  15. bruce aussie

    Harley back in the family

    Kane was 25 last week, shouted himself a Sportster for his birthday. I'm going to enjoy a ride in the mountains on it.
  16. bruce aussie

    More ground clearance.

    Found this today I'm almost tempted to pull my peg rails of and get a set of them rear sets. If I had that much ground clearance?
  17. bruce aussie

    Mt Cotton Hillclimb

    A bit of live motor sport to 10 minutes from home. Havnt been here for about 10 years, forgot how good it is.
  18. bruce aussie

    Pambula Motorfest

    @HansO @CanberraR3 @ruzzle
  19. bruce aussie

    Holty has been at the Lismore Kart Track again

    Holty said this kids dad drives him up to Lismore from Nowra because there is no short track racing down there for kids. That's a committed dad be close to a 1000klm each way. My favourite from the pics he posted. His boot is smoking. When I commented on it the rider commented he was using every...