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  1. stingray

    Powerbronze Powerblade for GT

    I like that they provide two different heights of screens on the Powerblade. I went with the taller shield and leaned it back. I've seen most use the short one, but I can still see over the taller one.
  2. stingray

    Powerbronze Powerblade for GT

    Fast shipping from these guys to Texas. Looks like a good product hope to have it mounted today. Anyone offer tips and advice on installation mucho appreciated.
  3. stingray

    Panniers holders (mounting kit)

    Welcome to Triumph. Call the dealer. They "might" replace it for you if deemed you didn't cause the problem.
  4. stingray

    The Death of Combustion Bikes

    How are those batteries going to be mined, smelted and transported without fossil fuels? I'll wait for the answer. :whitstling:
  5. stingray

    HELP!!! Hesitation, engine light, now no power.

    Good deal. The codes should clear after a number of starts without the error if that was the reason.
  6. stingray

    Are there concerns on positioning the Rocket3 GT while on a lift

    Note the tie down loops on the jack above.
  7. stingray

    Richwood W. Virginia 2023

    Man I bet. I've been looking at moving up that way next year.
  8. stingray

    Richwood W. Virginia 2023

    Sounds like paradise.
  9. stingray

    Full rear mudguard

    Thanks kindly, that has to be a lot better than the stock kit throwing crud everywhere. Have you been pleased with the quality of it?
  10. clean and ready.jpeg

    clean and ready.jpeg

    First proper wash
  11. Ready again.jpeg

    Ready again.jpeg

  12. washed up.jpeg

    washed up.jpeg

    First decent wash.
  13. stingray

    Full rear mudguard

    Sorry, my French is non existent. Do you have photo of the rear and angle views. Thanks.
  14. stingray

    Quick Shift question

    Yeah, they will do the activation. Just want to order the right part.
  15. stingray

    Quick Shift question

    I'm looking at the Quick Shift and see it is model specific on one part of it. I'm guessing the length of the rod is different depending on forwards or mid controls. So if you have mids on a GT should order the R specific kit to work with them. Right?
  16. stingray

    I did electronics measurement and battery drain calculation for rocket3R 2022 - Battery, Turn signals

    Good info, @imcool have you calculated time for ignition on / fob on and ignition on / fob off. I've noticed that if someone forgets to turn off the ign switch and walks away the lights go off after awhile. When fob out of range or some timer? Seems to use more battery power under those...
  17. stingray

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Just gave her a good wash down and chamois. Crikey it was too hot to ride so just took a cold shower. CURRENT WEATHER 12:00 PM 101°F Sunny RealFeel® 113° Dangerous Heat RealFeel Shade™ 106° Quite Hot
  18. stingray

    Full rear mudguard

    How is it? I'm really looking at this. Pictures...please.
  19. already hot and out of gas.jpeg

    already hot and out of gas.jpeg

  20. ride out.jpeg

    ride out.jpeg