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  1. stingray

    Powerbronze Powerblade for GT

    Fast shipping from these guys to Texas. Looks like a good product hope to have it mounted today. Anyone offer tips and advice on installation mucho appreciated.
  2. stingray

    Quick Shift question

    I'm looking at the Quick Shift and see it is model specific on one part of it. I'm guessing the length of the rod is different depending on forwards or mid controls. So if you have mids on a GT should order the R specific kit to work with them. Right?
  3. stingray

    Full rear mudguard

    Has anyone tried this full rear fender/mudguard from Trik Custom Motorcycle Parts? I'm thinking this would help tremendously with how much mud and road grime there is from the exposed tire. I wish they had some pictures from other angles...
  4. stingray

    Old motorcycle trading cards

    Most kids collected baseball cards growing up. But back in the late 60's and into the 70's I would spend my change on motorcycle trading cards. A stick of bubble gum and a few cards of bikes. I happened to run across an old card file while cleaning out and thought I'd share. Some of the glue...
  5. stingray

    Thinking about a new ADV bike

    I've been looking at something to ride in the pastures to check cows and fences. I keep coming back around to the CB500X. I like the new look. Never had a bad Honda. But looking at the Rancher 4x4 also for what I need.
  6. stingray

    low fuel warning

    Anyone seen how far it will go after the low fuel light comes on? I got down to Range 1 mile and filled up. All I was able to get in after carefully putting in as much as I could was 4.435 gallons. Man this thing needs a much bigger tank.
  7. stingray

    OCABS warning

    I get this odd OCABS warning now after my dealer serviced brake bleed procedure. Before I even got home. Not cornering or hotdogging, just a regular throttle up to pass traffic and all goes into alarm about 4k RPM. Engine Management, ABS, OCABS. It clears on key off/on but shows back up as...
  8. stingray

    New TuneECU user question

    I have gone through and got everything registered, updated, and added my bike to the registry. That seems right. It seems to connect and see everything with the OBDLink MX+ device and my android phone. My confusion is when attempting to resetting the SIA it allows the mileage and date options...
  9. stingray

    New bike weird issues

    2021 Rocket 3GT with less than 300 miles and I'm starting to see some odd things like turn signal malfunctions. Then the headlight is strobing. What is going on?? I pull the seat off and check the battery terminals. Yikes! They were just hand tight and looked to be arcing with lots of corrosion...
  10. stingray

    First flight on new Rocket 3GT

    A big howdy from Texas. The first new bike I've had in 60 years. I'll say the 100 miles was a pleasure. Looking forward to more intergalactic travel. Seems a bit limited on range when you hit the time warp, but not power. Insert massive grin here.