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  1. Azisbest

    Shopping For Touring Model

    I am not ashamed to admit that ABS has saved my bacon. I am convinced that even sedate riders could benefit from ABS.
  2. Azisbest

    Tire mileage continued...

    The best tire I have put on my 2015 R3T, by far, is the Dunlop Elite 4. I got over 11000 miles on the rear, almost double what I have ever gotten on any other tire. Plus it has very good grip in the twisties. The worst tire I put on the rear, by far, is the Michelin Scrambler. I got 6000...
  3. Azisbest

    My turn to beat the (long) dead horse...

    $145.88 at Rocky Mountain Atv.
  4. Azisbest

    New Touring Roadster

    For me, riding without the windshield is not an option. I rode the scoot au naturel for about 20 miles and silently vowed, never again. The severely myopic crowd, at least in my example, cant handle the specs bouncing and jostling around as the whole world does likewise. I like the look and...
  5. Azisbest

    Problem with the Touring model

    I had the Metzlers on my 2015 originally but put on Avons after wearing the originals out. I feel no appreciable difference between them. Maybe you need to look for another issue?
  6. Azisbest

    Just rode the last six states and have now ridden in the entire lower 48

    At once impressed, and jealous. Cograts on a quest that almost all would love to do but a very few will accomplish.
  7. Azisbest

    Miles per tank

    This past weekend I got to 196 miles and had just a bit less than half a gallon in the gas tank. The light had been on for abouit 30 miles I would guess.
  8. Azisbest

    First ride of the season

    Great looking bike and it looks like a beautiful area but it must really suck to have a riding "season". Good news on the tune, I am in the process of doing the same but it may be beyond me. I might have to enlist someones help, lol.
  9. Azisbest

    Winter in February ...

    One just grits his teeth and soldiers on.
  10. Azisbest

    Winter in February ...

    It dipped into the low 60s today during my ride. I was in short sleeves for a bit but had to put on my sweatshirt. But it didnt stop me!
  11. Azisbest

    Been thinking about a new Rocket 3 Touring

    Probably a stupid question but it wont be the first or last time. Do you know if remapping the ECU voids the Triumph warranty?
  12. Azisbest

    Left over 2015 R3T

    I just bought my 2015 Touring for 10,299 with less than 100 miles on it and almost two years of factory warranty. There are some good buys out there!