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  1. Azisbest

    Rocket 3 for moderately experienced rider?

    I had not ridden a bike for probably 25 years, and then it was a dirt bike, when I bought my Touring. After borrowing my buddies Vespa to take the riding test for my license, and no safety course, I went right to the 16 Rocket, then I bought the 2020 GT. About 80,000 miles, on both bikes...
  2. Azisbest

    Jay Leno’s Garage

    Check it out, a Jay Leno episode on the 2020 Rockets. Available on YouTube now.
  3. Azisbest

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Yep with every back tire a lube job on the spline.
  4. Azisbest

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Two words: company vehicle.
  5. Azisbest

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Well it was 71 degrees when I got home from work but sad to say I had other matters to attend to so all I got to do was look at the Rocket and admire it for a few moments. I know, my priorities are seriously out of whack.
  6. Azisbest

    Finally fell off the fence

    If anyone bites the bullet and gets a GT or R I do not think they will ever be dissapointed. Refined awesome power with cornering ability. Whats not to love? A treat every time I throw a leg over the thing.
  7. Azisbest

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Tougher than me.
  8. Azisbest

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    Tried to get the rear wheel on the GT to spin on dirt while in rain mode. Didn’t succeed. That will be a nice feature when you hit unexpected road construction and the asphalt has been removed for about ten miles.
  9. Azisbest

    I’m liking the GT

    I love the twisties and the 15 Touring did a great job, other cruisers never had a chance at keeping up. Having said that, the new one would eat up the old one and spit it out. Straight road, twisty road, hilly road it wouldnt matter. So handling and outright power first. Next would be just...
  10. Azisbest

    I’m liking the GT

    Temps in the mid 70s, not a cloud to be found, not a breath of wind. A brand new GT for a scoot. Life is good.
  11. Azisbest

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    You have to remove a cover to get to it and I have not yet done that but my dealer said it is the same as the old Rockets if that helps.
  12. Azisbest

    arizona .. west of phoenix

    I know you post with tongue firmly planted in cheek here so this is to affirm your sentiment. Having been many places in Mexico more times than I can remember I have never felt worried or nervous about being bothered by anyone. Just warm friendly folks. I guess I have missed the bad hombres as...
  13. Azisbest

    A slice of our obsession.

    I copied and pasted this post from another site because I thought the author did a great job of capturing a bit of why we ride and wanted to share it. I am not quite the authors age but I hope to feel this way still if I get there. Hope others enjoy this too. I've loved riding since even...
  14. Azisbest

    More rumors about the new Rocket

    In my case the windshield is needed because I am highly myopic and any movement of my glasses makes the whole world (at least what I can see of it) jiggle. Hardly a safe phenomenon. I have even worn full face helmets but the wind buffeting still causes my glasses to jiggle. I have found that...
  15. Azisbest

    My oh My

    To be fair most Harley riders only ride to the nearest neighborhood bar so 110 miles is more than enough range for a week of rides.
  16. Azisbest

    More rumors about the new Rocket

    If they build it I will come (and buy one too)!
  17. Azisbest

    He will grow into it.

    And on the plus side no one wants to steal it now.
  18. Azisbest

    He will grow into it.

    Lol, I can’t argue with you. I discovered I suck at wrapping an exhaust. However the ugly wrap job has saved me from ruining even more jeans, not to mention the rain gear with a matching hole. Its not much on form but works on the function front.
  19. Azisbest

    He will grow into it.

  20. Azisbest

    Man I Wish it was SUMMER!!!

    73 here tomorrow but cold front moving in. Low 60s and rain for Thursday and Friday. Think I should put the Rocket on a battery tender for the two days? I hate the off season too.