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  1. pica

    Don't forget the sealing washers...

    As my 600 service was at the dealer and included oil change, I guess is them who forgot to install one of the sealing washers in the engine oil drain plugs... just noticed today doing myself my late 5000 miles oil change... just one more reason to do it yourself.
  2. pica

    Chewed wire prevention airbox

    I invited a friend that lives nearby to ride motorcycles and borrowed him my crf for this ride. In preparation I rode that bike the day before to test everything and found that blinkers, horn, brake light, wasn't working. Later on found thre chewed wire, then the burned fuse , the hole in...
  3. pica

    Oh this is a thing of beauty

    very nice finish... just arrived! I needed a little bit more of real state in the back
  4. pica

    Got my dealertool... and she wants to play with it....

    Just got my Dealertool OBDII thing from UK a couple days ago and before I can get the activation code and surprise my rocket and tell her that I got this thing for when I need to bleed her brakes, she said =" lets play!" and in the morning starting my ride, when I click the "start switch" I just...
  5. pica

    Corbin seat vs oem r3 gt break in

    Well, it has been 4k miles so far, I don't think this oem seat it's going to be any different with more riding time to break in. I had a Corbin before in a different motorcycle (warrior) and it was stiff, but better because I can ride the whole day without feeling anything. For the ones...
  6. pica

    Triumph Rocket Technical Service Bulletins

    pica submitted a new resource: Triumph Rocket Technical Service Bulletins - Triumph Rocket Technical Service Bulletins Read more about this resource...
  7. pica

    Any brake pedal extender? or wider/longer brake pedal?

    Well, it had been a few days already riding in the mountain, doing dragon passes and having fun with the bike all around the smoky mountains. My sport bike sits in the shed and watch me in despair depart with the rocket... I'll sell her so she can have still have fun, but right now, sorry, the...
  8. pica

    Rocket 3... which aluminum parts are clear coated, which ones are not?

    Hi guys do you have an idea, I am terrible to recognize that. the gas cap have some bad smudges I guess from my glove or gasoline, but can't clean it right, and I don't want with an aluminum polisher if that is clear coated.... thank you and safe rides
  9. pica

    So... what tail bag fits in the "Luggage rack"?

    got it, from this picture, the bags go everywhere in the rocket, but not in the "Luggage Rack".... at 7" long and 6 pounds maximum weight... the most I could carry there is a dslr camera with barely any accessories... now... did anyone find a tail bag pack that can fit there for that purpose...
  10. pica

    Hello from Florida

    Hi guys, just wanted to say hello, just found this forum and learning more about my new rocket from your experience. I just got a 2021 Rocket 3 GT in Florida, USA. I had been riding motorcycles for more than 30 years, had all kind of motorcycles, and currently besides the R3, I have a CRF and a...