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  1. Tal

    Air Filter Change

    Thanx...i'm thinking it will probably make some difference...K&N's on the previous model Rockets did as did Ramair filters...i know K&N filters on the Thunderbird also makes a difference so a filter that allows cleaner more efficient air into the throttle bodies is a no brainer for me..
  2. Tal

    Air Filter Change

    Like many others i too appreciate you taking the time to do a shortens the time for when us guys want to change the filter i'm sure. you notice any difference in the performance of the motor because of the DNA filter over the stock filter?..does your bike respond better...
  3. Tal

    GT / R Seat Comparison

    No, the pillion seats are not interchangeable...the recess at the rear of the riders seat is different. My Cobber tried my GT pillion seat on his R model and it bolts on ok but there is a gap between the two. He borrowed my seat and my pillion seat for a weekend away with a pillion...found it...
  4. Tal

    Exhaust rattle

    There are no baffles in there...its not a muffler but just a shield over the pipe...the Muffler is in the cat box underneath the bike. Its got to be where those wee tabs are touching...the rubber grommet has likely gone. That top piece rattles if its touching...just a small amount of pressure...
  5. Tal

    Glad to be back, Ridefree rides again.

    well...iced coffee then...its all shout
  6. Tal

    Riser for a handelbar rocket R

    FWIW...i have rox risers in my shed and put them on my GT. I found the cables were a touch too short which pulled the wiring plug out from behind the "Dash"...took me a few minutes to figure why the bike wouldnt start. - 2" Pivoting Bar Risers...
  7. Tal

    Slow but painful dismount....

    ...still no news on parts...over 3 months now...heres some photos after the bike had been unloaded at the tow trucks depot....dosnt look too bad but the costs mount up quick i can tell you!
  8. Tal

    Want to Buy Looking for this part ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit (Triumph part number A9708158)

    yeah.....sort of...not sure...i like to ride without the passengere backrest and would like to see how it looked then?...its quite chunky looking.
  9. Tal

    From Honda Valkyrie to a Triumph Rocket - Hello :-)

    Nice!...welcome gonna enjoy this scooter!
  10. Tal

    Hello - From Lincolnshire, England

    Welcome sparky...youll fit right in...
  11. Tal


    hey...welcome aboard from NZ
  12. Tal

    Glad to be back, Ridefree rides again.

    welcome back....take seat over yonder...i'll get you a whiskey...
  13. Tal

    Want to Buy Looking for this part ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit (Triumph part number A9708158)

    For me to pick it up its a 400km bike ride, then a 3 hr ferry sailing and then about 6 or 7 hours on the road again,,,and back...wont be happening...sides...ive already got
  14. Tal

    Want to Buy Looking for this part ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit (Triumph part number A9708158)

    you will notice he has 'Buyer must pickup' on it but he may post if you ask...?
  15. Tal


    Thinking back i dont think sit 'in' the bike rather than on it...feet forward..big wide tank...i had a 'Dart' flyscreen on it and a mustang seat with rider backrest...very comfy..
  16. Tal


    i had a Thunderbird Storm back in 2014...loved it...nice bike to ride...sounds good too through the Tors i had on it...comfy too..
  17. Tal

    Dave Platt's "Patriot 3 into 3" exhaust + Penner Tune: dyno tune required?

    FWIW...cobber of mine was going to get his exhaust system altered on his 'R' model which was going to make it more free flowing. We decided to put the bike on the dyno first and then after the alteration to see if the tune didnt alter the air/fuel ratio so we were happy it didnt...