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  1. Mike188

    Progressive 444 spring rate

    Ok so I am finally going to update to the Progressive 444 13 inch rear shocks. The question is do I go for the Standard or the Heavy duty springs? I am around 110kg or 240lb then add my gear to that so 115kg or 250lb ready to ride, my better half also comes along at times. PS> I am trying to...
  2. Mike188

    Quary Radiator Leaking

    Hi all, checking the beast this morning and noticed what looks like a "wet spot" on the radiator, overflow tank level is also down a bit. Question is? Is it OK to add distilled water to the overflow tank to top it off until I can get it looked at by my mechanic? TIA
  3. Mike188

    Rocket in Singapore

    Saw this Rocket in one of the carparks at the Singapore Botanic Gardens today (Saturday 6th April), belong to anyone on here?
  4. Mike188

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Well one of the fork seals is leaking and since the beast is due for a service I thought, might as well get Progressive Springs for the front at the same time. They arrived in record time (Thanks J&P Cycles, purchased on Tue 26/03 and arrived Mon 01/04, so less than a week USA to Oz). Question...
  5. Mike188

    New Rear Shocks

    Ok, so I am thinking/finally getting around to changing the rear shocks and front springs. Front springs are easy, they will be replaced with progressive and 7 weight oil. Rear shocks? I am leaning towards the Progressive 444 13 inch Heavy Duty. Opions? I mainly do solo but Linda (wife) goes...
  6. Mike188

    2017 Australian Triumph RAT Rally Hahndorf SA 7-9th April

    Hi guys, as most of you will know the 2017 Triumph RAT Rally is being held in Hahndorf SA, from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th April. For those of you that may be thinking of attending I will have bed's, couches and room for swags along with secure under cover parking (not sure at this stage as to how...
  7. Mike188

    CES Header & Crossover pipe

    Finally ordered a CES header in 2 & 1/4 inch, along with a crossover to reduce down to 1 & 3/4 to fit onto the TOR's. Got the Beast booked into Mr Lush so he can fit and Dyno.......Pics to follow when its all done (after I get back from NZ in early October)
  8. Mike188

    Exedra max 240/55 and roadster tank cover on ebay

    Just noticed these on ebay, if anyone is interested and want them sighted before purchase let me know as they are 10 minutes or so from me
  9. Mike188

    For Sale Wallets for sale

    Hi guys, I have a couple of spare wallets for sale. Measure approx. 22.5cm (9 inch) x 9.5cm (3.3/4 inch). Bottom picture is of them turned over in there same positions. Bottom right wallet only has card slots with notes having to be folded behind them. Outer is cow and inner is kangaroo leather...
  10. Mike188

    Latest R3R acquisition

    My latest R3 acquisition
  11. Mike188

    Want to Buy Pannier rail dresser kit #A9738088 & Roadster Leather Tank cover #A9520067

    After a set of Pannier rail dresser kit with fitting hardware in good condition Part #A9738088........ looks like it is another item that Triumph has stopped making Also after a Roadster Leather Tank cover Part #A9520067
  12. Mike188

    Gear Position Sensor cactus?

    OK, all the information about the Beast is in my signature: so out for a ride this morning with the local Triumph club, on the way to meet up I noticed that the gear position on the taco was reading 5 in 5th but when changing down stayed in 5 on the readout for a few seconds before reading 4th...
  13. Mike188

    Rocket bits 4sale on ebay

    Just a couple of items I found for sale on ebay Australia, from a 2010 Roadster I believe ( I brought the saddle bags from the seller and he said they were from a 2010 model Corbin Seat...
  14. Mike188

    For Sale 2012 Roadster Mufflers & Crossover pipe

    I have both factory cans, and the factory collector/cat box pipe off a 2012 Roadster for sale. They have about 12,000km on them, no dings, dents or scratches. Selling because I have finally got the TOR's and crossover pipe installed. Thought I would get a new price on these from the stealers and...
  15. Mike188

    Roadster oil dipstick

    Went to check the oil level on the beast today, took off the oil cap and the dipstick was missing (it was there last time I checked about a week or so ago), can only assume that it has come adrift and is floating around in the oil tank somewhere. Bike is into the dealer in the morning, but...
  16. Mike188

    Tire change time 2012 R3R

    Well guys I am just about due to change the rear tyre on the beast (2012 R3R) after approx 9000km (still have the OEM Metz on). While I have had no probs with them what are other members finding as to best tyre for wear and grip (love to hear from any other South Australian members as you guys...
  17. Mike188

    New Member

    Hi all, just joined a couple of weeks back, been abit slack in introducing myself. Ex kiwi living in adelaide SA, ride a matt black 2012 reg (2011 build i think) Rocket III Roadster, purchased new in December