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  1. Starting problems

    Ok...wanted to follow up in case someone else had any issues. Took it to the shop and found that the pressure to the rail was low. After opening the tank, found that the fuel pump was bad and the internal lines needed to be replaced. Pump rebuilt, lines replaced...she is all good. Put 300 miles...
  2. Greenish Liquid Leak Behind Engine (HELP)

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Greenish Liquid Leak Behind Engine (HELP)

    Did you have to drain the coolant first or can you remove the plug without draining?
  4. Starting problems

    Appreciate the response. If the problem was with the filter or the lines wouldn't that prevent the fuel from flowing through the tube that connects to the rail? I was able to get flow through that tube into a bucket just fine when turned the key on and cycled the pump.
  5. Starting problems

    I tried to find the crank sensor in the service manual. Any more detail on how to find that?
  6. Starting problems

    Yes...93 down here in South Georgia. I have drained the rail and changed the plugs...still nothing. I pulled the fuel line and put tried starting and fuel is flowing from the line into a bucket just fine. I pulled the clutch switch and manually plunged/unplunged and cleaned with ISO Alcohol...
  7. Starting problems

    Ok...I have run a full can of starter fluid (not at once obviously) through it and had it firing for a couple of minutes with me working the throttle. I dumped the old gas and put 93 octane in it. While attempting to start I can see the injectors spitting out gas into the bodies so it doesn't...
  8. Starting problems

    I was thinking that should be the next step. Haven’t done that in an EFI Tried starting fluid...kicks over for a few seconds....chokes...spurts. Gas is new 87. When I throttle down a pinch it completely shuts down. Open to any other thoughts you might have? Any way to unplug injectors if that’s...
  9. Starting problems

    Possible I guess. But I hear the pump come on and fuel flows freely through the line. I haven't taken the tank apart.
  10. Starting problems

    The starter turns click...but no firing and ultimately no engine turnover. Sometimes I get what seems like a little spark like she wants to turn over.
  11. Starting problems

    Hello All, It has been a while since I have been on this forum but I need some help. This may be as easy as "take it to the shop" but I recently moved and the closest shop is several hours away. I have a 2005 R3 with 20K miles on it and am having problems starting. This R3 has a PC5 with...
  12. Oil Tank Removal

    I do have the pod filters so I will try to muscle it off. Thanks for your input.
  13. Oil Tank Removal

  14. Oil Tank Removal

    I have the oil tank leak and am wanting to replace the O rings. I know the normal course of action is to remove the Throttle Bodies but read on a post here that some did this by simply loosening the clamps between the bodies and the seat onto the intake and was able to lift the bodies enough to...
  15. Bad Starter?

    Well, the mystery has been solved. I went Saturday morning and bought a new battery because I really needed one...still had the original in there that lasted 9 years. Installed the battery and no luck. Checked the clutch switch (pushed it in) and it started right up. A little WD40 and I was...
  16. Bad Starter?

    No alarm on it. I do have a Cigarette lighter socket, a PCV, and Autotune wired into the battery.
  17. Bad Starter?

    I plan on double checking the ground and the clutch switch this evening. Also probably going to test with my buddy's battery to see if that might be the issue.
  18. Bad Starter?

    @RocketEd - I have tried it all different neutral out of neutral clutch in clutch out...nothing. I do hear the fuel pump prime and get instrument sweep. Did not try to bump start it but did try to arc it. Did not put cables on it though. Probably going to try that if a new starter...
  19. Bad Starter?

    @tdragger....can I eliminate the ignition switch as a possible culprit if I get juice on both solder joints by pressing the button in? For the starter relay. should I be able to hit a NAPA and have them cross reference it? As I said initially, i picked one up at OReilley and it didnt
  20. Bad Starter?

    Thanks all for your input. please see below let me know if you think of anything else. Another thing I thought of is that I did put some cables on my battery and another bike to eliminate the battery being the issue. I know that sometimes they show good and aren't. @tdragger - Thanks...