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  1. BigAl52

    Do you remember your first ride?

    Triumph Tiger Cub when I was 14 in 1966 and first road bike was a Royal Enfield 750 Interceptor with a sidecar with 'L' plates on my 16th birthday.
  2. BigAl52

    How old is too old for an old man to be riding a R3R.

    66 in July owned my R3 for nearly 9 years
  3. BigAl52

    Rocket owners average age!

    I'll take a stab at it and suggest 55!
  4. BigAl52

    Rocket owners average age!

    my daughter is 35 and she rides the Rocket more than me at the moment due to me getting a new hip last July!
  5. BigAl52

    Rocket owners average age!

    66 this year
  6. BigAl52

    I have a set brand new never fitted to bike. Had them polished so ready to fit.

    I have a set brand new never fitted to bike. Had them polished so ready to fit.
  7. BigAl52

    Big Al

    physical size not wishful thinking size!!!!
  8. BigAl52

    Big Al

    sorry but I have to ask as your a newbie..............just how big are you???????????????????
  9. BigAl52

    Norton 850 Mk III

    Thanks for the offer, need to have a serious look at the Stag and make a decision what to do with it. As for the Rocket....there's always more bits to buy!!!!!!
  10. BigAl52

    Greetings to everybody where ever you are in the world

    welcome from a pom that's been here in Aus for 40 years. Back there next week for a month and spending some time in Essex.
  11. BigAl52

    Norton 850 Mk III

    going to UK next week for a month so I am going to have a serious look for an old bike. I've had a Triumph Stag sitting in my brother-in-laws barn near Oxford for about 20 odd years, 'bout time I did something with it!!
  12. BigAl52

    Norton 850 Mk III

    The BSA Rocket Gold Star was the final stage of development of the A10 twins. It had a specially tuned Super Rocket engine in the DBD34 Gold Star single frame, it was a very fast bike (for the time) with good handling, that became a 'classic'. Surviving models are in such demand today that...
  13. BigAl52

    Norton 850 Mk III

    They were officially called a Rocket Gold Star in UK. I had the chrome tank and original 'silencers' but at the time I thought it looked better with the fibreglass tank etc.
  14. BigAl52

    Norton 850 Mk III

    Its a Rocket Gold Star. '62 Super Rocket motor (650) in a BDB34 Frame (500 single Gold Star) coupled to a RR2T close ratio gearbox (Gold Star) and Norton Roadholder forks. Avon Triangular tyres and alloy rims. Clip-ons were low but it was comfortable to ride and very quick in it's day. It was a...
  15. BigAl52

    Norton 850 Mk III

    wish I still had this!!!
  16. BigAl52

    Moo Moo Roadhouse

    bugger...I have our annual Ulysses Endeavour run tomorrow, already committed sorry would have been a good run.
  17. BigAl52

    So Sad............

    the same thing happened with my local Triumph dealer, they were predominately Harley and Suzuki but had a good range of Triumph bikes and accessories. The guy told me there wasn't enough factory support and no margin in the product to promote it.
  18. BigAl52

    Covers for sale

    Selling my custom made black Lambswool seat covers, single seat with pillion pad. Only used for about 2 hours riding then put it storage , no longer needed gone to a duel seat. Cost me $400 to get made, I'd like to get $200 or make me an offer. Anyone in the UK interested I'll be in Oxford for...
  19. BigAl52

    SEQ 8-9 Nov 14

    Richard Peter K just contacted me he has a new seat with backrest and his son is interested in a deal with my seat so I'll go with that. Thanks anyway mate I appreciate your help. Still would like the grips though.