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  1. TheKid


    Glad it all worked out Ol buddy. We scare the sht out of us
  2. TheKid

    Triumph is in trouble

    Belgium Dave, haha. That's the part of Germany they were from. Bet you're giggling now.. Glad to have seen ya buddy. Enjoyed the tale of the tea bags
  3. TheKid

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    Scott, I think purple us your color. Just saying. Looks good on ya. Heal up, fix it and lets ride!! Cya
  4. TheKid

    Pix of raa WV

    I tried to mount the dog on the new fender but he growled at me. Said he didn't want to ride with me
  5. TheKid

    Pix of raa WV

    When I saw him for the first time after the slide, back at camp, he told me what happened. Then without missing a beat he smiled and said "The front fender is toast, no you can't have it". I knew he was fine. Parts is parts, he'll be back on it in a month, for the shoulder has to heal. I think...
  6. TheKid

    Pix of raa WV

    Hey Scott, did this part get damaged? Asking for a friend
  7. TheKid

    Pix of raa WV

    Does it really make my butt look big bike
  8. TheKid

    TFC Rear fender performance

    For those unshure of the new rear fenders not repelling or rooster tails, I just followed Doc and Sandy through rain soaked roads and this was the results. It was about 20 miles.
  9. TheKid

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    I see you parked in front of the "Dirty Bike Sale" sign. Mine should be really cheap, haha
  10. TheKid

    Which Helmet.....

    The Ol Bull (1olbull) had good luck with AGV's carbon fiber modular. I tried one and absolutely love it. light weight. quiet enough for me. I hate full face helmets, but for rain and cold they rock. Shop around, I found one in the Netherlands for 520 delivered to the states. Very happy with it...
  11. TheKid

    Hello from a froggy newbie from France

    Welcome to the site. Lots of great information here. Enjoy. What does JPHDT stand for
  12. TheKid

    Stepper motor removal

    I remember 1K9 had a problem with his idle at Maggie Valley. Someone (???) did a burnout with it and it stopped, after they replaced the TPS
  13. TheKid

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    I have new meat front and rear, wasn't going to do any burnouts, ......until yesterday. Intimidation is everything. Three friends stopped what they were doing to see if I would. How could one resist
  14. TheKid

    Who wants Josey to cook at RAA WV?

    Glad to see Yogi is making it. We rode a little together last year. Love those gravel roads, hahaha
  15. TheKid

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    I am still planning on trailering. Hope to be there Tuesday before noon. Working Sunday to get caught up. Hope this trailer thing works out, never done it. Should I wear chaps?
  16. TheKid


    Hey Trino, and welcome to the site
  17. TheKid

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    Yeah Baby!! Just talked to Jamie (Dude) at Tripps number 800 239 9412 , he said he never had to close. Has been open, will be open. Restaurants are suppose to be open by the 21st of this month. If you want to come early he said no problem, plenty of room. PARTY TIME FOLKS!!!!
  18. TheKid

    Head count WV

    I will be there Thursday at the latest. Wanting to leave Tuesday night, but more likely leave Wednesday morning
  19. TheKid

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    Got my shirt yesterday, thanks Bull
  20. TheKid

    Professional Photography

    What's Happening Sister Sandy? Good times. And......That chick can ride. Rubbing boards is the norm for that chick. I think she taught Doc. Cya all soon