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  1. Loatmead

    Portrait number plate

    Morning all can anyone recommend a company who can supply a portrait number plate in the UK please. Also to those of you running a portrait plate what size are you using. Many thanks
  2. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all loaded the Penner tune yesterday on my r with no problems what a difference. Has anyone done a comparison between this tune and the DNK one on a rocket with the comp works pipes as they do ask for any mods rather than the Penner that just says standard exhaust
  3. Loatmead

    Side number plate

    Hi all looking for some advice please on which side number plate holder to go for. I am finding to quite hard to decide never having used one before so would value any advise and pictures from members. Many thanks
  4. Loatmead

    Competition works slip on

    Hi all anyone running one of these if so what are your thoughts on it and have there been any problems oh and do you run the db killers. many thanks
  5. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all has anyone here in the Uk used tune ecu and more importantly be prepared to do mine. I have read various post and just can’t get my head around it. I did the Meerkat exhaust mod yesterday and am keen to get a new map loaded more suited to the slightly more free flowing exhaust. Or is...
  6. Loatmead

    Final drive

    Morning all just wandering if any GL5 oil for the final drive is better than any other. Had my bike in for her 600mile service the other day and they assured me that it had been changed but I’m not so sure as on the invoice it states every thing else, filter, oil ect but when it comes to final...
  7. Loatmead

    UK side number plate

    Hi all is there anyone here in the UK running a side number plate, if so what size and do you get any trouble with the old bill over it. Many thanks
  8. Loatmead

    Side number plate

    Hi all was just wandering on people’s views on side number plates just can’t decide what to do about the ugly standard set up. If It actually kept the crap off my back it would be one thing but it doesn’t and to me it looks something of an after thought. Just fitted a set of Triumph heated...
  9. Loatmead

    Heated grips

    Hi all has anyone fitted the Triumph heated grips that come as standard on the gt to the r. If so is it straight forward or is there a lot of messing around with wires.
  10. Loatmead


    Hi all just joined up as I’m awaiting delivery of my new rocket r tomorrow. Did the deal 3 days before Christmas so I’ve be waiting for what seems forever to take delivery (never had much patience ).Just couldn’t get on with my Tuono v4 factory due to it being quite small, don’t think this will...