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  1. technoguppy

    For Sale Hepco & Becker Orbit Bags for C-Bow Carrier I have the Rocket 3 C-Bow mounts. Will include in shipment.
  2. technoguppy

    TriTech from Triumph

    I have noticed that Triumph is leaning away from Gore-tex in their jackets, pants, gloves, and boots in favour of a material called TriTech. I trust Gore-tex. Simply put when worn properly it keeps you from getting soaked. The tests suggest that Gore-tex is good to 35000ml/m while the TriTech...
  3. technoguppy

    Failed Key-Fob ended 7500km Trip short

    Our annual bike trip was supposed to take us from Toronto to Newfoundland and back. A trip estimated to be 7500km over 25 days. We were going to see some great sights, some great roads, and spend some time with my son in Halifax. On or about day 3 of the trip I get the ever popular "Key-Fob...
  4. technoguppy

    Gas Range and Mileage Remaining

    I was down to 2km (two) on my range indication on my display. When I filled up, the tank took 16.8L. Is there a reserve if it hits 0 (zero)? For reference, my wife's Harley goes to 0 THEN a notice appears that says "R 75km" remaining (which she too learned today). I was really sweating the...
  5. technoguppy

    Brake Pads - 2020 R3GT / R / TFC

    Anyone know what the replacement Part Number is for: Front Brake Pads: Rear Brake Pads: Thanks in Advance. Just prepping my list for a deserved long long riding season...
  6. technoguppy

    Made my own R3 T-shirts

    These are definitely not for sale. I am definitely not taking orders. Which would be a direct violation of the rules that can be found at the bottom of EVERY page (as I am told). But these arrived today and I'm pretty pleased with myself if I do say so... my self... :banghead: :banghead: Back...
  7. technoguppy

    TriTun R3GT Technical Bulletin?

    Anyone know what this Technical Bulletin says??? Site says I need a subscription to read it but I was hoping someone here has it already before I drop $10 for an hour (I thought video games were terrible for nickle and diming you! Nice new business model at Triumph, sell a $30,000 bike then...
  8. technoguppy

    Need some R3GT/R help - Rear Brake Wires

    I recently bought a Smart Brake Module ( a nifty simple device out of Europe for my bike). It basically taps into the wires of the rear brake light, has an accelerometer in it which detects when you are slowing down via engine braking (rather than just applying front or rear brakes). I tend to...
  9. technoguppy

    Triumph Owners Unite!!!

    Harley-Davidson is to the motorcycling culture what Coke is to the beverage industry. Wouldn't it be great if Triumph was the Pepsi, rather than the RC Cola? There is an International group of Triumph Riders under the banner of Hinckley Triumph Owners Club (HTOC). It has members in 34...
  10. technoguppy

    Performance Question

    I have a 2014 Rocket III Roadster. When I turn the throttle, regardless of RPM it takes off like a banshee into the night. That is to say, you feel the power instantly in your head, neck, seat everywhere. I do have the Dave Platt Outlaw exhaust on it (no CAT). However, when I do the same on...
  11. technoguppy

    And another thing (R3GT/R Key Fob)...

    Any suggestions to adding a key-ring to the R3GT / R key fob? The hole alignment makes it literally useless for any standard keychain ring. I had two tie-wraps in mine (for redundancy) but it looks like ass! Anyone solved this? Photos if you have them. Thanks in advance.
  12. technoguppy

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out!

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out! When doing 120kph (via GPS and phone) my R3GT speedometer reads 128kph. An 8kph delta, that's 5mph. I called the dealer and the service person said "Yeah they do it like that on purpose!" To which I asked "Can I get it fixed?" to which he replied "Nope...
  13. technoguppy

    What is this cable?

    Not sure if this is stock or if this is something the dealer added (for my GPS power)? It runs from the left side brake caliper along with the metal brake line and up under the yoke. It is clipped with a cable clip that seems to fit as needed but it's a flimsy cable and looks like a decent...
  14. technoguppy

    Battery Charging System 2020 R3 GT /R

    Well it's 2020 and my new 2020 Rocket 3 GT is downstairs in the underground parking lot of my condo, where its been since February. For context, I live in Toronto and it's 3C out today (18-APRIL). Double digit temperatures are not expected until mid-May (hoping for sooner but that's the...
  15. technoguppy

    Replacement horn for R3GT/R

    Has anyone replaced the stock horn with say a Denali car horn on a Rocket 3 GT / R? I agree with The Boog's post about the horn needing to be replaced but before I make a virtual trip to Amazon for a new horn, I was wondering if anyone else has fitted a horn to this bike. If you did replace...
  16. technoguppy

    Key fob and immobilizer system

    Here's the scenario (or a few) that I am unsure of and would like to know for those of you who have the opportunity to test it out (as it is still -10C with snow on the roads here)! 1 - Keyfob is green, bike starts, turn keyfob to red - Does the bike shut off? 2 - Keyfob is green, bike starts...
  17. technoguppy

    ODBII Reader for R3GT

    Has anyone successfully interfaced with the on-board computer of the 2020's Rocket 3 R / GT yet? If so, what device? Just looking for something to read the codes and reset them if necessary. Thanks in advance.
  18. technoguppy

    Question for R3GT Owners

    The panniers (saddlebags) are not waterproof per Givi and Triumph (Boooo!!!) They come with rain covers but who wants to give up 1L of space in a 20L bag for a cover!!! My question for those of you who ride in rain, hail, sleet, snow, and all points in between is as follows: I do long trips...
  19. technoguppy

    R3GT - Power Socket on Yoke

    There is a power socket on the yoke of the 2020 Rocket 3 GT (to the left of the TFT). Anyone know what the mating plug is or looks like? When I reference the Owner's manual, it says "See your dealer for the correct plug", when I go on Triumph there's no mention of it. I know someone on here...
  20. technoguppy

    Flasher Relay Location

    Where is the turn signal / flasher relay on a Rocket III Roadster? Is it near the fuse box under the seat or up under the tank somewhere? I've searched the forums and I see lots of people recommending the use of flasher unit (rather than adding diodes or bulky resistors) but no one seems to...