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  1. 1olbull

    Hi All

    WELCOME to ya, from WA State! Post some pix of you and your steed.
  2. 1olbull

    Indicators Not Functioning

    Yer a good son - you dog! :thumbsup: Ken IS da man!
  3. 1olbull


    You mean, "I'm fine Barbie, thanks for asking." Don't you?
  4. 1olbull

    bad day riding

    You are so fortunate! Best wishes for you to heal up good as new and to heal fast. Curious about your crash. Did you just rear end that flatbed trailer or was it turning in front of you?
  5. 1olbull

    4th July ride

    Goodonyouse guys! I got out for a putt today myself. 1st time since the end of last October. Shame on me!
  6. 1olbull

    Want to Buy Stock exhaust silencers (left and right side) for a 2014 Rocket Roadster

    I'm 97% sure, but check parts fiche if you want to be 100%. edit - glad you found them closer to you👍
  7. 1olbull

    Want to Buy Stock exhaust silencers (left and right side) for a 2014 Rocket Roadster

    Let us know where you are reside. i have a set off my 2912 R3R with only 500 miles since new.
  8. 1olbull


    Awesome news, Warpo! Why does your mask not state, "Tough Fu**er"?!?!?
  9. 1olbull

    Circuit breakers for the Rocket ?

    Just FYI - I've been happy with my PDM60 for several years and 50k+ miles.
  10. 1olbull


    Way to ride, Barbie!
  11. 1olbull

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    On behalf of Nels, Gratitude for your edits. I have deleted my comments. :thumbsup:
  12. 1olbull


    Much better.
  13. 1olbull

    Chicken stripes??

    The handling is vastly improved. The broader profile is a better fit with the wide rear tire resulting in more consistent lean control and the Road 5 compound is incredible for grip. You are are a hard rider and will surely fall in love with it, as I did!
  14. 1olbull

    Chicken stripes??

    FYI - The 150/70Zr17 has the same radius and circumference as the 140/75R17
  15. 1olbull

    '14 R3R tranny blew up (46,000 miles)

    Abe, Fly out here for a visit. You can ride YurMama!
  16. 1olbull

    '14 R3R tranny blew up (46,000 miles)

    Good suggestion! The squeaky gate gets the grease!
  17. 1olbull

    Great ride home

    Now I must go and re-watch that fine flick! :thumbsup:
  18. 1olbull


    WOW! Why is that fine woman stabding on a hill and holding up such a HUGE banana!!! o_O :roll: :p
  19. 1olbull

    For Sale Gear Shift Selector Pedal

    Scott, I have two touring rails, BUT only one board! I do not wish to deal with the mail; however, you are welcome to them. Come to RAA West and I'll meet you at Dave's @breeze and give them to ya - free!
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