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  1. blackrocket

    My new Rocket has arrived

  2. blackrocket

    Beeline Moto Navigation

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience of the Beeline Moto Navigation Aid, either negative or positive? I am considering purchasing one as I like the simplistic look but would appreciate any comments
  3. blackrocket

    Tyre Width

    Hi. I am modifying a garage dolly / turntable ready for when I take delivery of my new R3. I know the front tyre is designated as a 150 but can someone tell me the exact width with some degree of accuracy so I can make the necessary modifications. Thank you - Blackrocket
  4. blackrocket

    Awaiting delivery

    Hi all, recently joined after placing an order a couple of weeks ago for a black rocket 3R - expected delivery May ’ish. From a proud Lincolnshire, UK yellowbelly