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  1. Kevdog

    Help with P0201, P0202, P0203 and P1500

    2005 Rocket III with 20k miles, K&N filters, D&D pipes Bike sat for 6 months, it started up for about 30 seconds, started sputtering and died. Tune ECU gave the injector codes. Removed tank and disconnected fuel line to the rail, turned on the key and it pumps fuel. Voltage to injectors is...
  2. Kevdog

    Passenger handrails?

    Does anyone know if someone makes passenger hand rails and where I can get them? I am looking for something like this?
  3. Kevdog

    Want to Buy Batwing Fairing For Duel Headlight

    I am looking for a used Batwing Fairing for my 2005 with the duel headlights, I cant justify buying a new one for an older bike like this!
  4. Kevdog

    What exhaust is this?

    I am trying to figure out what exhaust pipes these are, there is only 2 cans on the right side? I need to figure out what tune to use with them and the small K&N's under the Bear Claw. Its an "05" if that helps. Here is a picture with the stock can on top for comparison and a picture from...
  5. Kevdog

    For Sale **SOLD** Trike Conversion (INSTATRIKE)

    This came off my father in laws 05, he had fallen over at a stop sign and broke his leg in 3 places, but he still wanted to ride his Rocket! It has a tow hitch welded on and it's in pretty good shape, paint on fenders are faded I would like to sell or trade for a duel headlight Batwing Fairing...
  6. Kevdog

    What are these things hooked to my headlights

    Hoping some of you can help me out. I inherited an 05 from my father in law and he has done a few mods. The headlights weren't working properly and I found all this stuff in the picture crammed in behind the headlights, as you can see in the pic one of the black boxes has ballooned on the...
  7. Kevdog

    Need pics of a 2005 handlebar and gauge mounts

    I am trying to restore a Rocket I inherited from my x-father in law. He had put an ugly Corbin adjustable clam shell looking wind screen on it and it required custom mounts. So I have been searching the net to try and find out what stock handlebar mount and gauge mounts look like so I can...
  8. Kevdog

    I inherited a Rocket III with training wheels

    Hi all, My father-in-law passed 2 years or so ago (he was 74) and I inherited his 2005 Rocket. He loved riding his bike but as most of you know its kinda heavy. One day he stopped at a stop sign and the road was sloped to the left and he fell over and the foot peg jammed into his leg, needless...
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