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  1. patrol21

    Avon rear vs Bridgestone rear

    As a huge lover of great butts, the Rocket has an a$$ like an onion and brings a tear to my eyes.....butt, now to the point, I have run Metz, Avons, and decided to give the Bridgestone a run....still have a good front cobra on front Plus 1} Price + 50 or so less 2) Tread pattern is thicker 3)...
  2. patrol21

    Primary TPS

    Just pulled the primary TPS off throttle body 3. Bike is 2009, thought that years TPS had the blue innards. Mine looks black from pic. Have one on order. Am I on the mark here?
  3. patrol21

    In need of a primary TPS. T1245113.

    Hi all..looks like my TPS is on the fritz. And it's backordered at dealerships...typical...anyone have a new one they want to part with.
  4. patrol21


    Ok, Ive got a skip at some constant throttle. What I've done so far...when hard throttle it's fine. Removed the stepper motor and maually tweeked the manual idle setting. It's perfect. Prior it was all over the place. Balanced throttle bodies. Number one was out a bit. Checked TPS at idle...
  5. patrol21

    High Idle

    aloha all Spring in upstate NY and like all springs a new issue. Starting fine...while idling I get a click ( always have) and bike stalls. It's now and then and chalked it up to a sticky stepper motor. Still does 30,000 miles later and not really an issue. What is the issue is my idle. Bike...
  6. patrol21

    Battery question

    Hi all-Just a quick question. Stock battery got soft last year. Bought a new battery, used a year, kept on trickle, but live in the North where it's freaking still snowing so start ups take a heater on the block for a bit. It's warming up but the battery is already soft. Sometimes you get a...
  7. patrol21

    Any Brothers/Sisters on this page and ride R3's?

  8. patrol21

    Extend passenger pegs

    Hi all-Quick question....rider is not loving the location of the passenger pegs and want to extend not want to go with boards and whatever I add needs to fold up. (Don't want to constantly be catching my leg on an extended passenger peg. I have seen extensions but with the...
  9. patrol21

    13 inch progressive install

    Just picked up a set of progressive 13 inch springs. Issue is they are approx 1/4 inch too long to install even with the bike jacked up and rear assembly extended...any cute tricks to compress the ****ing spring/shock has vice grips didn't do jack ****...bloody mess
  10. patrol21

    Rear shock replace

    Hello-looking for some opinions. Wife had spinal surgery 6 or so months ago. We ride extended runs as we are both patched BACA members but the stock shocks in the back which were always a touch of a nut buster are now past the ole ladies ability to handle....looking at hagon nitros or...
  11. patrol21

    Neutral issue

    Bike is 2009 with aprox 20K on the clock. Been a bit tough to get into Neutral at rest recently and then last night impossible to find Neutral at rest. Once bike is turned off it goes into but stubbornly. No issue with Neutral when bike is moving coming to a light etc. Tightened up the cable a...
  12. patrol21

    hagon nitro shocks

    Looking at upgrading the garbage rear shocks. Looking into Hagon Nitro but see there are a number of different sizes? That being the case, what is stock size (2009 R3) and if varying sizes I would move up as I already scrape far too often so has anyone tried this and your results?
  13. patrol21

    Valve cover gasket

    Seems the gremlins of bad gaskets has found me and my valve cover gasket is going south...started few weeks ago and put some high temp black RTV on the spot for a temp fix and ordered a new gasket...when time permits I would change out....after this weekends ride seems that time has come..LOL...
  14. patrol21

    2009 Stock R3, Full Jardine exhaust and New RAMAIR intake tune needed

    Hi All, Hans0 seems to be having some computer issues so I was wondering if anyone has the matching set up listed in the title and a ECU tune that your running with success...I have a couple on my laptop (listed below) I am going to try but any feedback or a MAP that has been dialed in would be...
  15. patrol21


    Hello....just ordered a RAM AIR until from UK. In the mail already. Have seen a thread on this already. install looks like a snap. I am currently running Jardine full exhaust so I have to assume this is going to let the bike breath a hell of a lot better. Couple of questions 1) I did not set...
  16. patrol21

    Front Pads/Shaft oil.....

    Aloha...sure this has been round the block a few zillion times....looking to the early spring for maintence stuff...did my rear brakes in the fall..10K on the clock, figured I would follow suit with the front....rear pads were a 5 minute job...first time around for these on the front...couple of...
  17. patrol21

    Clutch failure

    Aloha....out riding yesterday...2009 Rocket3. Under 10K. Nasty noise and curbside. First thought I snapped the clutch cable...nada...clutch engager arm is flopping around....have found there is a weak design flaw with some pin ..lifter piece..and chatting with some folks and checking manual this...
  18. patrol21


    Just replaced the stock Metzlers.....put Avons on. I have had Metzlers on other bikes and hated them....didn't like them on the Rocket either. 6500 miles and both front and rear were trashed. I realize these are heavy bikes but so were my prior. Even after aprox 3000 miles stability and grip...
  19. patrol21

    Passanger peg location

    Aloha all.....I put a rumble seat on my Rocket (2009) and the wife finds the passenger pegs a bit too far back and would like me to set them more forward. I have found a couple of options with Kyrykn....both are VERY expensive to do. 1) Use a switchblade plate that opens and extends. This...
  20. patrol21

    Old triumph guy needs some guidance

    Hello all. Got my Rocket last year (2009) it. First bike I have owned that is EFI. Spent a lot of years tuning carbs/pipes...loved to play with a dynojet kit and pipes. Anyhow, my bike came with Jardines and I get a ton of popping on decel which is getting a touch annoying especially since...