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  1. CamaroCarl

    Luggage rack

    So I decided I needed a luggage rack to go with my solo seat, needed a place for my lunch bag and was tired of strapping it to the rear fender. Couldn't find a whole lot of options out there, so I made one. Went ahead and made it detachable, so I can take it off when I want. Used stainless...
  2. CamaroCarl

    New tire time

    Well I think I got all the miles I could out of the stock metzelers. Planned on replacing them this summer, but life happened. Rear tire was flat today when I went to ride it. Just put in my order with Rocky Mountain atv for some cobra chromes, hopefully I can get them on in time to enjoy this...
  3. CamaroCarl

    2 years

    I've had my rocket for 2 years now, and have been making mods since I bought it. 2018 roadster bought new. I know some people love the way the old rockets look, but I didn't really. Had a hard time seeing past the ugly, but knew it had potential with the 2300cc motor. Maybe after all the money...
  4. CamaroCarl

    Custom seat

    Really like my Corbin seat, but since I changed my rear fender to the shorter fiberglass one I didn't feel like it looked right. Would like to get a Corbin fastgun or solo seat instead of the touring seat (wife doesn't really ever ride with me anymore), but hate to spend the $500 for a new one...
  5. CamaroCarl

    Want to Buy Corbin fastgun seat

    Looking for a Corbin fastgun or classic solo seat. I currently have a Corbin dual tour, so might be able to work out a trade.
  6. CamaroCarl

    Winter modifications

    Well the parts have started arriving and the snow has started flying. Planning on some more mods this winter. Thanks to ishrub for the standard rails and footboards. Also bought fiberglass fenders, new license plate bracket, and led turn signals. Am always in a hurry to install new parts, but...
  7. CamaroCarl

    The last sportster....

    Well the last H-D sportster being built in Kansas City rolled off the line today. The factory opened in 1997, some of the people worked there for the whole 22 years, start to finish. Started with just sportster, added the Dyna line, then Vrod vehicle and powertrain line, added a cvo line for...
  8. CamaroCarl

    Turning off O2 sensor

    Finally getting around to removing/disconnecting my O2 sensor and I read that you should turn it off in the tune so you don't get a trouble code/check engine light. How exactly do you turn it off? I hooked up my tablet, using tuneecu Android app. I can pull up a list of sensors, several options...
  9. CamaroCarl

    If you have modified exhaust...

    Is your oxygen sensor connected? or removed? Do you have it shut off in tune ecu? use an o2 sensor eliminator? Just a general poll of members with modified exhaust. What they use, what works for them and why.
  10. CamaroCarl

    Long mods

    This winter has lasted forever, but finally spring is here and it's time to ride. I couldn't leave the rocket just sitting there alone in the garage all winter, so I made some more mods. Last year I picked up a used Viking header, it was silver so I decided to take it off and have it ceramic...
  11. CamaroCarl

    Harley electric bike

    Don't know how to share the link, just saw a news story that Harley is releasing their electric bike in August, 2019. Only $29,000, lol. Better get my name on the list for that.
  12. CamaroCarl

    Tranny issue??or just me

    So we had a beautiful day here in northwest Missouri, so I had to get the rocket out for a ride. 57 degrees, blue skies and sunshine, it was great for January. It's amazing after just a month of not riding of just how much fun this thing is to ride, and how big the smile is. But I've been...
  13. CamaroCarl

    New parts installed

    Well I think I'm done for now. Removed the stock intake and filter, installed triple k and n's. Removed exhaust and installed new(to me) header and mufflers. Relocated overflow tank to underseat. Installed tuneecu app on my tablet. Got cable, connected to bike and read, saved current map...
  14. CamaroCarl

    Another new rocket3 owner

    Hello all, picked up a new 2018 roadster about a month ago. Had only rode Harley's before. Wow what a blast this thing is to ride. Have been browsing the forum trying to learn all I can, can't wait to start modifying. Looking forward to logging lots of miles.