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  1. scraping sound

    Try also Try your brakes, front or rear. Just touch them and see if the sound changes.
  2. Pick up coil

    Start Unfortunatly I know first hand, you drop the bike and it will still crank, but won't start, making you think something much more seriouse is wrong, more than a few minute wait.
  3. Cams, need mo power

    this is unfortunately a road block iv hit, it seams the "tap"is always fully open. i go through a rear tire in about 3000-3500 miles and don't plan on changing my game plan. its just too much fun! i weigh 320lbs and with jars i was running in the mid 11s. not to bad but the appeal of a super...
  4. Brake fluid change - I screwed it up

    that is just a preference. it affects how far you have to reach to pull it in. 1 is farthest means you pull it all the way and thats tons of brakes. if it was on 4 i believe you could pull the handle to the bar and it would barely slow you down.
  5. R3 Racing Risers

    ok this thing is getting just a little outrageous, only say that because I'm jealous. so do you have a current 1/4 mile time? you into the 8s yet:eek:
  6. Sloppy second(s)!?!

    was not thinking raise the rpms i meant actually accelerating the bike then shifting. but yeah the upgrade kit helps. anyone actually see those things!? upgraded ones have lots of slack. instead of a dog on each side of the gear spoke its only got one between each spoke.....lil loose if you...
  7. Sloppy second(s)!?!

    i had the same problem dont know if your bike would qualify for the upgraded 2nd gear or not but what will help is after you set your front tire back down. hit the gas then shift. its hard to shift into second on a deccell if you think a bout it i bet thats when you are having most the problems...
  8. Lifting the R3T

    i got an easy way out, but wont work well for all. i work at a car dealership right across the street from the triumph shop. park in a two post stall and kick a leg under each of the frame eyelets at the rear (use rags as protectors no doubt). and use a strap from each fork tube (as close to...
  9. Darkside comments from Triumph INC???

    your triumph serviceman is your triumph ears and eyes just build up a relationship with him and you got it made. when i would bring in my rim to get a new tire put on id bring in a box of doughnuts iv got jardines tuneboy k&n filter mod, i do my own oil changes and they know i ride hard and...
  10. Inital start up after a long winters nap.

    reprime when you turn the key on and that short time the pump runs is not enough just cycle the key "off, on, off, on" keeping it on long enough for it to run the prime each time, a few of those should be more than enough to get things rollin.
  11. The battery in your Rocket?

    iv got a little over a year on my original and it will start kinda ok in the winter if i have it in the garage but ill go out to a friends "usually a girls" place and it stays outside till 3am and ill have to jumpstart the darn thing iv ridden it every day since march some time and still ride...
  12. where is my foot peg?

    you know i was thinking that. they look cheap but hm not so much. if they were 3-4 bucks i would buy them by the case load! looks like id need them.
  13. where is my foot peg?

    that might be in order. i would say they are spendy but they would pay for them selfs after a time of not buying those bits from triumph.
  14. where is my foot peg?

    i tend to do a lot of hard cornering, and in turn scrape those little "bank angle pegs" off prety fast at 8 bucks a pop thats getting spendy anyone got a cheaper alternative? at 16 bucks a month somethings got to change.
  15. Pig9r doesn't list his age

    happy birthday!
  16. Is this a good deal?

    i like your style.
  17. Is this a good deal?

    if he has 11k asking go pick it up and tell him you'll go 10.5k there is always room to play. one of the best parts of used bikes is the deal on the bling. and that milage is just not even broke in yet.
  18. Speedo question

    the trick is not to tell him just what that speedo is reading. if he says he is writing you up for 5 over don't correct him and say HEY i was at least doing 90! not a good idea.
  19. Anyone try Wrist Relievers?

    i have one and liked it for long trips, though trying to adjust it and find the sweet spot is hard on the grip cust its twisting the rubber on the grip and iv had mine rinkle up and have to work it a bit not sure if it did any damage.
  20. R3tobe is now BlueStreak

    not forgotten, when it was discussed among the elders it was unanimously deemed i was too young at 23 to be titled captain!:rolleyes: 8500 miles since october my bike would say different. worse winterin a while in tater land ta boot.
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