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  1. Oz Knight

    Ozriders LMS-Ozpipes

    Hey @Mittzy got any pics of the headers....exhaust you fitted?
  2. Oz Knight

    Exhaust Headers on a Supercharged 2010 R3R

    Hey @ant are they the Carpenter headers?.....hows the heat?
  3. Oz Knight

    Exhaust Headers on a Supercharged 2010 R3R

    Hi All, I know this subject has been extensively discussed before, but i have a Supercharged (TTS Stage 1) 2010 R3R and as part of the Stage 2 installation, i want to upgrade the headers to bigger outlet pipes (better outflow)......As the bike is Supercharged i don't really need to tune them...
  4. Oz Knight

    Hydraulic clutch release went pop

    Pulled apart the slave cylinder....seals deteriorated....seems the TTS supplied Buell cylinder is not suited to DOT 4....will replace seals and move to DOT 5 or Hydraulic fluid....(as per previous comments in this thread)
  5. Oz Knight

    Another Aussie

    Welcome from Melbourne!
  6. Oz Knight

    Widow maker journey to the 200hp club

    Look forward to seeing the Dyno readout @Kevin frazier :-)
  7. Oz Knight

    Hello from michigan

    Welcome from Melbourne, Australia
  8. Oz Knight

    Hello everybody, I'm from Paris

    Welcome from "Smokey" Melbourne Australia......can i suggest with great respect and humility :-).....that you just lash out and buy the Rocket.....i can assure there will be no regret :-)
  9. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Welcome Paul "to the aged but still alive club"! ...your right its no small miracle, plenty of friends and acquaintances have passed along the way....(i still like to give it a handful now and again though :-))
  10. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Not sure about the backward part my wee Scottish colleague :-).....but your correct about the rest (IMHO).....
  11. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Frankly Joe....i have a TTS Stage I kit on mine (2010 roadster) at the moment (with 233bhp...etc etc) but i cant really find a place on the open road where I can safely utilize all the power (or where I'm willing to risk it...given I'm a fair to average rider and I'm now in my 50's)....I have...
  12. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    I think your confusing pragmatism with Ego :-)....
  13. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    LMAO.....I like your attitude brother!.....i may have to follow in your foot steps......
  14. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Won't this be a loss of power?....
  15. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Or was it the other way around?
  16. Oz Knight

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Hi R-111-R Turbo, I may have missed any previous discussion on this (sorry to ask again if there is a previous thread) but it looks like you have swapped in a S/Charged engine in? What was the motivation to swap?....Cheers
  17. Oz Knight

    Hi from Down Under

    Welcome from Melbourne, Tangzie.....enjoy the torque!
  18. Oz Knight

    Hydraulic clutch release went pop

    Not sure yet, haven't pulled it apart....been sidetracked with Christmas hols....will come back....
  19. Oz Knight

    Hydraulic clutch release went pop

    Further to this thread, and for future information for those installing TTS S/C kits......throw the supplied hydraulic clutch slave cylinder in the bin! Chinese crap. Was out riding just before Christmas.....180km from home.....120kph coming into a small town...braked and went to...
  20. Oz Knight

    Bluetooth Blues

    I have a Sena Momentum....absolutely love this helmet everything built in.....Bluetooth connects to my phone....wife and a few riding buddies also have this helmet...we can all connect to each other and communicate while riding (can easily disconnect for a while and reconnect if there is a...
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