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  1. TURBO200R4

    Speedo needle dead, P1500 error code, odometer works fine

    They do go bad Water sometimes gets into it and corodes.
  2. TURBO200R4

    Testing stator

    It is a three wire I am not at my shop. I would not worry about resistance it will b either and open or shorted to ground (bad)like u said from connector to neg bat or i would also neg to case
  3. TURBO200R4

    Bought my first Triumph ever... an '07 Rocket 3 with 100k on it and charging issues!

    I did not document I am going to guess it was about 13.5 idleing and when u brought up the rpm It jumped up to 14 4--14.7 but it was steady. Have u disconected the rr and checked for grounds ?
  4. TURBO200R4

    Electrical Gremlins Part 4

    Can u post video
  5. TURBO200R4

    Hello from the high plains desert

    welcome from arizona
  6. TURBO200R4

    New to the group..

    welcome from arizona
  7. TURBO200R4

    Fob problem starting bike

    i bet that is why everyone puts it in their back pocket
  8. TURBO200R4

    Fob problem starting bike

    that would put the fob close to the sensor i think it would work we need a volunteer :laugh:
  9. TURBO200R4

    Fob problem starting bike

    just as long as they don't tell u to shove it up your as$ and it will work purrrfect :laugh: i am just good today:laugh::laugh:
  10. TURBO200R4

    Back turn (direction) indicator lights issue

    has anyone thought of letting the blinkers warm up a couple of minutes before taking off. :roll: now i will apologize for my sick sense of humor sorry
  11. TURBO200R4

    Decel popping

    We have seen a lot of opinions and i have learned a few things. It is nice to know that the noise can be stopped without adding 10 percent across the board. I dont think i have a problem so i will keep enjoying the noise (and try to be respectful of others) and recomend vendex1963 fix for the...
  12. TURBO200R4

    Back turn (direction) indicator lights issue

    A picture of that warning light would be nice When the turn signal self cancels does the warning dissapear
  13. TURBO200R4

    Decel popping

    Keep an eye open for the gas milage u r getting.
  14. TURBO200R4

    Decel popping

    some people just don't have any taste :laugh: :laugh::roll::roll::roll:
  15. TURBO200R4

    Boots for the Rocket...

    the right to choose i wear a helmet except when i forget. but i support the right of choice just like i think it is crazy to have ape hangers that go a foot over your shoulders but i vote for that right of choice. do u really want some moron telling u u have to wear seat belts. or a big jacket...
  16. TURBO200R4

    Reset Adaptations question

    U got that right When we have our scanners on a automatic trans we can feel it shift and about a second or two the scanner shows us it shifted. Sometimes longer if we have a lot of data we r monitering
  17. TURBO200R4

    Decel popping

    when u open up the pipes u allow air to enter the exhaust so at the right rpm the gas ignites and u get a bang. dropping more gas in is a waste or gas hard on plugs i know i have never compared to see what afr is when u add gas. just my opinion
  18. TURBO200R4

    Decel popping

    i love my tor's they do bang around 1500 rpm and more when hot when i don't to hear them i pull in the clutch
  19. TURBO200R4

    Hi From England.

    welcome from arizona
  20. TURBO200R4

    My new Rocket has arrived

    welcome from arizona
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