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  1. Grey0wl

    Clunking Solved

    Thanks MJ, I'll get onto it 😃
  2. Grey0wl

    100 Octane Should I use it?

    I run on shell v-power in the UK, 99ron, no issues
  3. My 04

    My 04

  4. IMG_20210115_123715.jpg


  5. IMG_20210311_114158.jpg


  6. IMG_20210311_114206.jpg


  7. IMG_20210311_114217.jpg


  8. Grey0wl

    Hi From England.

    My misses said exactly the same, when bike no3 turned up she just gave me that silent look that I translated to meaning I best stop there haha
  9. Grey0wl

    Hi From England.

    Hi, and welcome, from the north of the UK
  10. Grey0wl

    New to the group..

    Hi and welcome from the UK
  11. Grey0wl

    Hello from the high plains desert

    Hi from the UK
  12. Grey0wl

    Clunking Solved

    Sounds like this may be the answer to the problem Ive just posted about with mine :)
  13. Grey0wl

    Engine noise when slowing

    Hey hoping someone can tell me if I have a issue or not. My bikes a 2004 std. When I'm rolling down a hill or slowing towards a junction using engine breaking I have a clunking type noise, sounds like it's coming from the from of the engine? Kinda sounds like a gear engaging then disengaging...
  14. Grey0wl


    Thanks, it's hydrographics
  15. Grey0wl

    Decel popping

  16. Grey0wl

    Decel popping

    Like many I have the deacceleration pop following an exhaust swap, there a lot of talk about tuning it out, is it just me that thinks he'll no I kinda like it 🤣🤣
  17. Grey0wl


    My 04 std
  18. Grey0wl


    Hi all, new to the group, live in the lake District in the NW of the UK.
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