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    Oh yeah. Hi!! I just got done reading you "greetings" thread. Nice bike. there's nothing to...

    Oh yeah. Hi!! I just got done reading you "greetings" thread. Nice bike. there's nothing to compare.
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    1st time Triumph Owner - United States (Salt Lake City, UT)

    Welcome, from a fellow Utah guy.
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    Jacks and lifts for touring

    I have a Touring and the JBQ Bracket. I use the lift from Harbor Freight. I think most of the weight is at the rear, and the arm under the sump just balances it a bit. The first two winters I stored it on the jack. There's no worry about it tipping. It seems quite solid, WITH the bar locked...
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    **SOLD** 2009 R3T, 4,500 miles

    If I did not already have one, I'd snatch it up in a second!!
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    SOLVED!! Was HELP!! Sump bolt question - 2005 RIII Early Model

    Wish I would have seen this post sooner. I went through the same thing a few months ago. Bought all new bolts and a gasket. I had a hell of a time getting all the stuck on gasket off. Other than that had no problems. My owners manual was good a showing where that long SS Bolt went. Glad you...
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    Coolant or Oil Temp Gauge Recommendation

    Well I don't know. I thought they were all the same. @Ishrub will probably be able to tell you.
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    Final gear fluid

    Okay. sounds like you have your answer, but here's my 2 cents. I change the final drive every time I change the oil. I plan on greasing the splines (take the axel out) only when I change the tire. I remove the pannier, loosen the silencer band at the front end and take the bolts out under the...
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    My gosh. You learn something everyday. Maybe that is why the TPS indicator (TuneECU) would never come on after a 20 minute idle. I had the O2 turned off, but since have removed the sensor completely. Wish I could find a dyno shop around where I live. However, the map I have now is...
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    Coolant or Oil Temp Gauge Recommendation

    The original seller is not listed on Ebay anymore. But here is the one I have: Or you can just do a search with this: Bikers Choice 71559S3 Oil Tank Dipstick These fit the Rockets. BUT...
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    New here and very new to Rocket 3

    Nice deal you got there. And Welcome from Utah!
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    Boog's bikes; a Short Novel.

    Now that was a nice write up! I've always been a bit partial to Honda's, and you had plenty of them! Thanks for the trip. :thumbsup:
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    New 2

    Hi Asten! Welcome from Utah.
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    Looking for advise

    You may have already done this. Check the frame out well that it's straight and no weak spots. Did that years ago and put some $$ in it, to no avail. Found out the frame was out of alignment. (Honda 750K)
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