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    Bike lift

    Your bike looks beautiful floating in the air like that. A great piece of equipment. I was lucky enough to get one used for my 2008 from a member here. Was close enough to meet half way to do the deal. Shipping would have been horrendous. I welded my own bracket and bought a big drill to pump...
  2. JRock

    Want to Buy Phantom Black Rear Fender for 2008 standard

    Thanks for taking your time to find these options. All the used one I had found on ebay were pretty beat up, and those above look grungy as well. Tried to find a new painted one and they seem to be no longer available in phantom black. Getting a used one properly prepped and painted by a body...
  3. JRock

    Want to Buy Phantom Black Rear Fender for 2008 standard

    In as good condition as I can get. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  4. JRock

    Sliding wheel chock

    +1 on the Baxely chocks. Pricey but solid as a rock.
  5. JRock

    For Sale Carpenter "208 kit" 2007 Rocket III - New Jersey

    Send him a message and he will get an email, and is more likely to respond to you.
  6. JRock

    for the 2020 rocket service manual

    Magnuson Moss act says nothing about service manuals: One of the big points in there: Warrantors cannot require that only branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty
  7. JRock

    I know I'm a sign nut.

    Secret Service? Wouldn't that be the FBI saying hello?
  8. JRock

    Madstad Windshield

    My 2 cents, Post #4 has it right: the screen should be short enough so in your normal riding posture you can see over the top, and not have to look thru it. To predict it requires height of the new screen relative to your current screen. Clearview and other vendors give that info, usually...
  9. JRock

    Bike won't stay running

    Primary, the one in back
  10. JRock

    Getting Back Into Riding

    If you haven't already, you should test ride the Rocket before you buy. I predict that you'll buy it anyway. If you've got the scratch, try a new 2020.
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    That's it!!

    Interesting. I had a triple whammy Saturday. 1. GFI outlet powering garage just stopped working, couldn;t open garage door (leads to GFI were loose) 2. Multi-function tension arm on my LX-176 tractor snapped while mowing. (ordered replacement, cost $$$) 3. Got a sudden spike of arthritis pain in...
  12. JRock

    Battery maintaining

    I keep a Delran battery tender connected with a pigtail directly to the battery. I'll probably disconnect it soon, as the night temps will be staying above 60.
  13. JRock

    Oil Filter Size Question

    Assuming all the aftermarket filters fit, Look at the height of the Triumph original filter box. The others are longer, shorter, or the same, so the chrome cover that slips on the oil filter will not completely cover the Purolator filter
  14. JRock

    YSS shocks

    As I mentioned earlier, This is the guy I bought mine from many years ago. I live only an hour away and I had him install my fork springs when I got the shocks (forget which make of fork springs). And years later, he shortened the same set of YSS shocks for me. He's a reputable guy.
  15. JRock

    Triumph Magnetic tank bag ?

    No straps. It has magnets that hold it to the metal tank, presumably with cloth between the magnet and tank to stop scratches. I have a generic tank bag and the magnets hold it tight. But I had to pin soft cloth to the magnets to stop scratches ;-)
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