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    Evening folks. Just bought a rocket three.

    Must be an English thing - you can’t beat a good brew, helps with everything - good or bad!
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    Burning oil smell

    Sounds like the engine oil has been overfilled
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    Random Rideout Pictures

    I was out having a gentle ride around the Lincolnshire Wolds. Lincolnshire is not flat and boring as people always suggest.
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    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    Hey - I’m not wanting to be confrontational either and I am not doubting that the physical properties of the pads may be better. Just being a proud british citizen. Let’s leave it at that :)👍 ….. fellow rocket rider.
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    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    Think you will find that we do notice and we do mind how the Union Flag is portrayed.
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    New to the site saying hi

    welcome to the forum and world of the new rocket 3. Like to be a bit more precise about your location in the east mids?
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    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    Well said. Lamonster should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to sell such a product
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    Windscreen R3 2020

    Thanks for the tips - I will keep my eye on them. Aluminium spacers sound like the way to go
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    Windscreen R3 2020

    Fitted this powerbronze tinted screen to my 3R today - looks like it should help with wind blast but lashing down with rain so not out to try it.
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    small electrical device used to start bike - as in key fob (I assume it was a serious question!)
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    Eight weeks and no problems with fob and starting. Just warnings about indicators not working - turn bike off, restart and they are fine! Annoying to say the least when in busy traffic.
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    Aux power socket location
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    Aux power socket location

    The wiring is already in place ready to plug into back of socket. It is identified by a bit of blue tape which you cut to release the wire / plug. All clear from the instructions. It is also permanently live so you can plug your trickle charger into it.
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    Aux power socket location

    Just underneath and to the rear of the air box - fitted one last week, dead easy.
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    Hi, just waiting to pick up my new Rocket 3 GT on June 23rd :)

    It is a DIN socket - attached is what I bought from amazon for my 3r