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  1. Desert Storm
  2. Collins61
    Hello and thank you for adding me. I look forward to learning and hopefully contributing.
  3. Ron Pencola
    Ron Pencola
    Can anybody recommend a seat for me to buy that'll fit my 2014 Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster I would like a little wider seat for the passenger
  4. Naughtyboy081
    Naughtyboy081 DEcosse
    Can you please contact me with your email address. Phone number or something so I may place a order with you for the keyless ignition kit and inquire about the other upgrades you do for the rocket 3
  5. Jim Schultz
    Jim Schultz
    I currently have a 2005 Rocket III,just got back from a trip from Chicago to Cottonwood, MN Over 1000 trip in two days,
  6. HIM57
    HIM57 DEcosse
    Can you give pricing for keyless ignition switch? Also I’m no genius so fairly EZ install?

    1. Kevin frazier
      Kevin frazier
      Decosse key-less wire-less you want be sorry. It’s awesome and simple plug and play install with the very best customer service you will find. Many post on it and how professional it is. They call decosse the sites electrical guru I can attest he is pretty amazing what he does on here without 5g network
      Jun 7, 2019
      DEcosse likes this.
  7. Massimo 69
  8. Hayseed
    Hayseed webmaster
    The water is boiling within 10 minutes, pump working,fan working, water in see through reserve tank boiling,???oil light stays on is there a sensor wire that could be off,?? Hayseed.
    1. webmaster
      I'm web-technical, and am very good at riding, but am less-than-zero on the mechanical. Post your question in technical forum and someone more qualified than myself will offer a suggestion.
      Jun 1, 2019
    2. Kevin frazier
      Kevin frazier
      Water? Have you done any work on radiator?
      Jun 10, 2019 at 11:54 PM
  9. DodahMan
    Three objectives . . women, airplanes, and motorcycles. I love them all, especially the fast ones!
  10. vzrDean1800
    vzrDean1800 Boydster
    Hi Boydster, are you by chance the mod from the Suzuki Marauder forum. I was a member there years ago. I went from the 800, to the 1600 Marauder, them to an M109 which I still have. Just yesterday picked up a 12 R3R. I've always wanted a Rocket.
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