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  1. PaddyO
    PaddyO 1K9
    My cell phone is 352-573-0678. Let me know what your phone number is and I will let you know when I plan on heading your way.
  2. GarrisonMatt
    GarrisonMatt HansO
    HansO, everyone says your man to talk to about a tune. I have a 2013 roadster with ram air and DP outlaw exhaust(stock header). Anyway i can get your suggestion on what is best to run. I am at around 6000 Feet in elevation in Colorado, USA. thanks man. I have the link cable and have never a tune.
  3. Colin Shorrock
    Colin Shorrock chandelierman
    Sir,. I'm interested in some crash bars for my '05. do you have a website?
    1. chandelierman
      I have a website advertising my day job but it has no bike parts on it ..... the 50mm bars will be in production next week .... as soon as I have the first ones made I will upload s pic on here with a firm price .... I need to get them made first so that I can measure and weigh them to get a cost for shipping
      Mar 18, 2018 at 8:31 AM
  4. sonny
  5. Delaware rider
    Delaware rider concours
    Have a 2013 R3T with ram air, D&Ds, and viking mid pipe witch is very close to yours. I was hoping you could e-mail me your tune ? You seem to be very happy with it.
  6. Lee three
    Lee three
    New to here. Enjoying the overload of information. 06 rocket
  8. BigStick
    I'm pumped with the Nor-easter today.... Time to Change some fork springs.
    1. TriumPhil
      Get some, Dude! Might as well keep yourself gainfully occupied.
      Mar 13, 2018
  9. Delaware rider
    Delaware rider HansO
    HansO I have a 2013 Turing I just purchased a crossover pipe from Viking and I just installed ram air I have D&D exhaust on I didn’t know if you could work your magic on a tune for me
  10. Journeyman28778
    Journeyman28778 busajack
    Hey Busajak- I was scrolling through a long thread about K&N filters and saw your comment about checking for dirt after 500 miles. Everyone in this group, it seems, has the K&Ns. The increase in dirt to the engine just doesn't seem worth it. I'd appreciate your input and sharing any performance mods you've made. Many thanks- Blake