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Discussion in 'TuneECU Source' started by Gkiller, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Received my cable today and promptly installed TuneEcu on my bike...took for a quick spin, ran great. Still have some decel pop, but getting bike Dyno'd next week and I assume that will resolve the popping.

    Very easy to install once you read through the TuneEcu guides and obtain a better understanding of the processes and how it works.
    When I initially plugged my cable into the ODB port, I could not get the program to read the ECU. Upon inspection, the ODB port something that looked like grease on some of the contacts, so I cleaned that stuff out and plugged the cable back in...read ECU fine.

    Thanks to everyone on the forum who has posted info regarding TuneEcu....what a great source of data and experience that can be utilized.

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