Tune Mods for R3T with Jardines

Discussion in 'Trading Tunes' started by GPMAZ, Apr 21, 2010.

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    I'm considering swapping my D&Ds for a full Jardine system. I haven't found anyone who has installed the Jardines on an R3T. I currently have triple K&Ns with the 138HP tune for the R3T.

    I'm pretty sure I will need to more fuel to support the added flow of the Jardines. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how much fuel I should add via the Fuel Trim tables to be safe until I can get it on a dyno?
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    Solid lines = power
    Dashed lines = torque

    Red - stock R3T with holes drilled in baffles (stock exhaust). TORS tune.
    Orange - Above after tuning with TuneEdit.

    Green - R3T with Jardines, secondary throttle plates removed, and triple K&N RU-2780 under bearclaw. TORS tune.
    Blue - Above after Tuning with TuneEdit.


    As you can see, the restriction is not in the Jardines and air filters. Not much of a difference in the post-tuned bikes at higher rpm, but there is a difference at low rpm and through the midrange.

    Compared to the stock and TORS tunes for the R3T, there is a lot of work involved in fueling (F and L tables) for best output.

    I hope this helps.

    -Wayne at power-tripp.com
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