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Hi Penner just want to give you a huge shout out mate.Loaded your 31012 Map into the Rocket3.Different bike.Just one question.It says V2 is obsolete and V3 is the current one. Can’t find in Tune ECU maps.👍
Thank you. I just made one map per model. There are updates due to changes in Tune-ECU software. If yours works, just keep it.
Installed the forward controls. Wow what a difference.


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    2012 Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster Forward Controls.jpg
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Lamonster plate holder
Custom Dynamics plate frame w/integrated turn signals
Wunderkind LED front turn signals
Wunderkind black adjustable control levers
Competition Werks pipes
DNA Filter
My Rocket Before upgraded to extended foot controls.


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    2012 Triumph Rocket 3 Raodster.jpg
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Hi all I'm new hear ...
I have a rocket 3 touring 2010
When riding my engine cut out & back wheel locked up witch was quite scary lol.
Turned ignition off then on & she started fine then about 5 minutes later it happened again. This has happened a couple of times.
The worst was on motorway.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated please.
Hello, I am looking for an alternative to the ignition switch on my 2013 R3T. There is an intermittent starting problem that I have been chasing for some time. The current thinking is that the ignition switch is the culprit. A replacement part is 12-16 weeks out. I understand you have created an alternative. I am interested. Please let me know details.