ZUMO XT Wiring Questions


Standard Bore
Dec 22, 2022
2023 Rocket 3 GT
Planning to install a ZUMO XT on a 2023 R3 GT ...have my ball mount installed above instrument cluster and have the following questions that hopefully someone else has tackled:

1.) Can I run the wires under the fuel tank without removing the fuel tank to get to battery?
2.) Worried about th ZUMO drawing power even when turned off so I am looking at alternate solutions such as the "Eastern Beaver' or or "FuzeBlocks FZ-1" switcable fuse blocks. Has anyone installed one on the new R# and if so what wire did they Tap for the "power to the relay?
3.) Has anyone used a "USB to Wire power adapter" for the Relay wire which woudl eliminate the need to tap into any existing wires?
4.) OR am I completely overthinking this and I shoudl just connect the GPS power leads to the battery??

Any help/advice is appreciated....