Winter Windshield - Impossible to ride


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May 20, 2006
Madrid / Spain
R3 - 2.005 - TOR

I just put the original windshield ( the large one or winter model as you may call it ) and surprise !!! ... it is impossible to ride above 120 km/h since it makes so much air at the upper level, just where the head is located that you can not see the sign letters of the road.

It is like if you put your head inside a drying machine at 1.500 rpm, so bad experience.

Going back to the dealer, they have no idea on what is going on, since they alway have sold the summer version or lower one, so they reinstalled it again and the problem is still there.

After some research, I found that if the head is more close to the windshield ( at the same high level ), all the problems are gone. It seems that it is placed to far away.

Changing the position level of the windshield makes no difference, having done different test on the lower nd uper positions.

I ride with the platforms, so the positon is more relaxed and placed on the back of the bike. If you ride as it comes from stock, then probably the problem will not be there, but who will ride that way with a windshield ?

I am not that big, just 180cm high, so a taller guy will have the same problems, but the mecanic at the dealer who is just 165cm since he is completly covered by the windshield have no problem.

To attach it to the bike there is an accesory with an L shape that goes on the front fork. It is placed with the L forward to the front wheel.

My question is if someone has had the same experience, and second, if placing the L facing to the rear will solve the problem, since this brings the windshield closer to the head.

I will tray tomorrow and come back with the results, but if someone could hel it will be great.

Maybe if do this then I can not put the key in the right position ..., let´s see.

Anyway, I think that at the factory they could test the thinks better and not let the user to discover such type of problems.


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In the process of upgrading the performance of the BEAST, maybe more than 160 HP at the rear wheel ?


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Turbulence To Spare

I just returned from riding 8 hours today. 4 of those were at 85-90 mph and the other 4 were playing between 95 and 130 mph. I can tell you either one was very loud and gusty. I am 6'3" with a 29" inseam so most of my height is from the waist up. It's gotten so rough that I ordered a GT-25 from ClearView Windshields. I got a chance to see one installed on Hondax's R3 and he is also quite tall both ends! :p

I tried the leaning forward trick but age and too much good food has forced my chest from it's youthful position to one right in the middle of my belt. I was able to drop my head about 4 inches and it not only got rid of most of the noise but also the vortices problem. Can't wait to get the taller shield installed. I think that will be the easier fix rather than going on a diet!

I'll send you an update when it happens.


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Mar 8, 2006
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I have the big Triumph Screen and I have no complaints with buffeting, even at 100+ mph. I am not a tall guy, [5' 10"] and I keep my screen adjusted so I can easily see over it. I sit back on the interstate and run 80 mph and feel like I'm in a easy chair.:D


Mar 8, 2006
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As Pianoman stated, I have a tall GT-25 and have ordered Triumph lower wind deflectors because of air slipping up from the front turn signal area causing rude turbulence. My GT-25 easily adjusts air over my helmet and I'm a tall drink of water @ 6' 4-1/4".