Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
I knew this morning that winter was truly on it's way when I realized that I hadn't started the Rocket in three days. It has been cold and windy and I have been cleaning chimneys, raking leaves, re-seeding the lawn, and doing all the pre winter crap on a working week's vacation. I have also taken the time to line up my winter time projects for the R/3. They are:
1. Revco Crash Bars
2. Progressive Shocks
3. Seat change (Still up in the air about type, just need more comfort.)
4. Design a bolt on brace for the R/3 that will fit my bike jack.
5. Probably a mirror change, when I find the right set that jumps out at me.

That is my start, and I have already given the wife the list of where to get Santa started. I have enough after shave and underwear. There is nothing better on a cold winter snowy day than turning wrenches and thinking about the first warm day of spring.
There is also all of the fluid changes, gasket replacements, and valve adjustments on all of the old girls. Sometimes winter is not so bad. Anybody else out there got plans?
Hey Britman,

I know how you feel, my R3 is just sittiing there daring me to go out in 38 degree rain for several days now! The Progressive shocks are well worth thr money, I put on some 12.5" 440's and what a difference. I can't believe that Triumph didn't put em on factory, the ride is so much better and the bike is not wishy washy at all. I put on the Triumph seat and backrest that comes on the Rocket classic, and it is much better that the factory standard. Especially for the Wifey on the back.
Rivco tip-over bars (I hate the word final) for me too.
A set of highway pegs on the tip-over bars.
Throttle Meister on the R3 and T100
New windshield on the Bonnie plus a brake fluid change and a bleed on the sidecar brake.
Probably a cat eliminator (fabbed by me in the shop) and some proprietary bits and parts for the R3 and T100 to be marketed.....
I have to rebuild my 5 ton air hoist and one of my mills needs a new spline drive in the spindle.
Working on my continuing welding and fabrication job I do for my employer and PM'ing all the farm implements and tractors.

Getting through all that will take until May at least.;)
I have already given the wife the list of where to get Santa started.
I usually just go ahead and buy the stuff I want for Christmas and let the wife wrap it and put a tag on it :D. She doesn't do well with mechanical stuff and couldn't tell you the difference crash bars and soap bars. Thats OK... she's good at other things :D
Hey Britman, as far as mirrors, I chose the Kuryakyn billet style "large" mirrors with the oval shape (the eliptical shape is cool too). There was a bike shop here in town which had both sizes (large & small) and I was able to compair both sizes before the purchase. They also had the adapter kit needed to install them. The large size had slightly longer arms & a smidge more rise to the arms as well. The bottom of the large mirror clears my hand by about 2 1/2 to 3 inches. The shorter one would be less & most likely get bumped more during riding & therefore need adjusted more often. Naturally, the mirror face is larger, by about 10 to 15%. One other benefit to the larger style, I can still see my arms in the mirrors so the smaller ones would not see "around" me as well. I got the flat face model based on a comment from a fellow captain that the flat "natural" mirror really gives you a true view of an objects distance behind you. It takes some getting use to if you've riden much with the stock convex mirrors, and they are harder to fine tune the adjustment. This mirror style really caught my eye & I'm glad I made the change.
Good luck with your winter projects everyone. I've got a few plans also. Mainly looking for a few more horsies to put with the other 140 or so, just a little more fun when I "whack" it!
britman said:
Anybody else out there got plans?

Hate to read surfeited with pleasures, but my 2-year old "green machine" (that's her name) is now as I always wanted it to be: Custom "Jaguar racing green" finish, lean Palatina carbon mini front guard and fork gaiters, Mad Dog pipes, Corbin solo saddle in real leather with faux (Corbin's terminology for fake:confused: ) carbon sides and back, Wilbers racing :rolleyes: shocks, etc.

As far as X'mas is concerned, the ONLY thing I already have on order is a carbon "bearclaw" (from Bike Johnny UK, baked to order, 6 to 8 weeks delivery), i.e. to replace the chrome cover on the l/h side of the tank.

Any further inspiration from Y' ALL most welcome. Jamie;)
It's Not Time

As much as I'd like, I can't get into the winterizing quite yet. This Sunday and Monday is forcasted for mid 70's. I'm trying to get every plausible minute on the beast before the real cold hits the Mid-West. Last year I bought some STABIL for the fuel and ended up starting the R3 every other day just to hear it run and never had to use it.

Until it gets into the low 40's, I'll try to ride often and wear my new electric gloves I bought several months ago knowing what our winters are like ......which, for the next few months, makes my bank account get a little fatter and happy that I'm not taking money out for new "widgets". Of course, I must purchase some goodies from my dealer or he can't pay the rent during the rest of winter! It's a caring for your fellow man kind of thing.
Here in central N.C., winters aren't too bad, so I seldom go for a whole week without riding. I set my cutoff point at about 38 degrees, so long as it's dry.
Until it gets into the low 40's, I'll try to ride often and wear my new electric gloves I bought several months ago

I also love my heated gloves, PM. [Gerbing] Thinking of getting the Widder electric vest with the heated neck to go with them.
I was in Pennsylvania all weekend, buying items for our shop and partying with the Amish. While I was gone my vanity plate had come through the mail from DMV and of course, I had bolt her on. It was at this time that I realized, I'm going to need a new rear tire this winter also. (If you do the penny check, old Abe is close to showing.) I'm pushing 5k and can still probably get the rest of winter and early spring, but it won't be long. This is with no burn outs and riding like I have good sense most of the time. What is the most anyone has gotten out of a Metzeler?