Wind Or No Wind???screen


Jun 24, 2007
:roll:Can ya help me and my pretty face!!!!!!!!

I can't seem to get ahold of any samples to try to eliminate the wind and protect mysefl from 3 inch bugs, gravel and rocks from trucks, sand in the road and gunshots.......ach maybe forget the gunshot! ANY IDEAS AND COMMENTS PLEASE!

Try for a quick disconnect for around town riding in 96 degree heat??


Summer windsheild?

I live in San Antonio. I use the fly screen for most of my riding, leaving it on for 90% of the time. The fly screen is large enough to stop you from becoming a parachute at highway speeds and above and it looks good. On long trips, I wear a full face helmet with it to catch the bugs, sand, rocks, etc. Around town I wear a 3/4 helmet with a flip down screen, or an open 3/4 helmet with glasses

I also have the Roadster screen. I am not a fan of large wind screens in the looks department, but I do use it for long trips on occaision too, and I use it in the winter to keep the cold off. The Roadster screen does bring some of the radiator heat up, but I do not have the Triumph lowers, and I understand they do a great job of blocking this and reducing turbulence. I wear my open 3/4 helmet almost all the time with the Roadster screen.

Triumph screens are not quick disconnect like Harley, but there are only four bolts, and it only takes a minute or two to remove one and connect the other.
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The only thing I have found that eliminates wind buffeting about the shoulders and head at highway speeds is a full Clearview shield and Triumph lowers. My fly screen definitely doesn't do it. This could be function of age - in 37 years of riding, I didn't have a screen until the 2000's.

You might consider a Windvest. They're much smaller than a roadster screen but you can get them up to 16" wide and 18" high for the Rocket. They're easy to take off and put on.
yes not untill the 2000 have I felt the need to keep the bugs and gravel away from my face!!! ha ha what does that tell you??
Ride naked....

My brother-in-law Bart has a Windvest on his R3, yes, ther are 2 Rockets in this family. He likes the Windvest. I like the big windshield myself.

If your face already looks like it was on fire and someone put out the fire with an ice pick get nothing. Just ride with your mouth open and you'll not have to stop for dinner. Bugs, dirt and gravel have some nutritive value.:D:D
Does having a wind screen increase sensible heat while cruising. I submit to you, no. If it's 96 degrees and you're traveling conservatively, at say 90, your subject to a 96 degree blast furnace. Dries you up like a PCF. If you're poking along at 50 you're subject to a, 96 degree blast furnace. When you subtract out the wind force, then it's only 96 degrees. Unless of course you're sweating like you're pouring water out of a boot, then you'd want that breeze so you arrive at the pub smelling like dried up... :D If you can't stand the heat, the best thing to do is add A/C or get a bigger wind screen. The only good thing about not having a wind screen, at 70 mph is, you can't identify the dragon fly or hornet when it wallops you between the eyes. But, that's my experienced age speaking for what's it's worth. No one says you can't have a turbo charger, headers, and loud pipes along with saddle bags with a wind screen. Look at Wilber, he's gone over to the dark side and he hasn't been exccomunicated.
It might be worth checking out the Clearview windshields I'm petty sure they do a vented type like the Goldwings.

(I am currently waiting for my Clearview screen, 5" taller and 2" wider than the Triumph Roadster screen, and got a phonecall shortly after placing the order offering me the chance to jump the waitlist if I would take a vented shield rather than a nonvented shield)
I Got One

TonyMac...... I got the Clearview GT25 with vent and it's been great for me. I do wish they would have made a screen to put over the vent as a few June bugs make it through from time to time when it's open. Later I added the low deflectors and all is right with the world.