Will GT pillion fit to R seat?


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Dec 16, 2020
I’d like the “R” pillion seat on my GT, as I think it looks better, and I seldom carry a pillion. I’m wondering if I can just add the pillion to my existing GT seat, or would I need to get both? Both would be prohibitively expensive. I’m hoping to just find a second hand “R” pillion seat in the future on eBay or similar.

edit: I found the answer to my question through some offline connections. For anyone looking here in the future, NO you can not combine the GT pillion seat with the rider seat from an “R” model. The upward sweep at the back of the rider seat on the “R” is more forward than on the GT, pushing the rider toward the bars a bit, expecting them to be leaned forward. The pillion seat follows this curve. If mate the “R” pillion seat to the GT rider seat, the front edge of the pillion projects into the rider’s lower back by about an inch or two.

It’s helpful to have (accidentally) learned that although the GT seat is about an inch lower, which is bad for my long inseam, it also positions the rider an inch or two farther back, which is good for my inseam.
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