Wife joining the Triumph family


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Mar 8, 2006
La Vernia, TX
After a couple of years of fiddling with her Honda NightHawk 750 and trying to get it to be the she needs, my wife has decided to give it up and now will be moving to a 2000 Triumph Trophy 1200. :) It's not a Rocket, for sure, but they are very fast and she'll have all the luggage room she needs.

She had been looking at and test road the Honda ST1300 and Yamaha FJ1300 when SHE came up with the idea of a Trophy 1200! The same style bike for substantially less! Now, why I didn't think of pointing her in that direction, I don't know. I am very familiar with Triumphs of those years, including Trophys and I didn't even think of it. Oh well.. she's smart.. that's why I married her..

Anyway, we go to hopefully pick it up next Tuesday..
Hey good luck with the Trophy. My last bike before the Rocket was a Trophy 900.
It was a great bike and had great cornering. I hope the wife will smoke you in the corners.
The only thing I didn't like was the chain. If necessary get a high quality O-ring that requires a special tool to crimp the master link on. I swore that I would never get rid of the Trophy, but before that I had never or rode a Rocket 3.
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