Why No Abs It Sucks


Standard Bore
Jul 3, 2007
Confused with such a big crusier I Would have thought ABS would be a standard issue, I have also written to triumph if in the future this become part of an add on I mean really if you had the option would'nt you have it
So have any rocketters got ABS

My personal take on ABS is that I've had it and I haven't had it. As long as you are proficient at modulating the brakes, 99% of the time you don't need it. In a class 8 vehicle I can stop as quickly on a wet skid pad without ABS as I can with an ABS equipped vehicle but it takes practice to attain the fine edge where the tires are on the threshold of breaking traction and a pronounced skid. One nice feature of ABS is that it controls induced skids and on a bike that can keep you from the hospital. It's also nice on a truck where a jackknife can happen quickly, but, being able do drive out of a jackknife is also a plus.

Have I ever desired it on a bike, no. Would I get it if it was available, I'm not sure. It's mandatory on Class 8 vehicles now. I prefer to have a choice.
Compared with previous bikes I've had, there's so much momentum with the Rocket that keeping the rear from fishtailing or skidding takes practice - of which I need more. It seems easy to lock the rear when you plow the front end with the front brakes. I've had the rear end break loose in an emergency stop. I definitely don't like that feeling with such a big bike.

I rode an ST1300 with integrated ABS. No question it stops easier although I didn't experience an emergency stop. That bike is also a lot lighter than the Rocket.
My K1200LT had the ABS brakes (they were also power assist fully integrated). They made me aware that most people don't utilize there braking power much more than half. I took a couple ERC classes and did the panic stop many times. I had impressive stop distances and never triggered the ABS. I did however crash the beemer and think that I might have saved it if the brakes hadn't triggered just before the crunch. Never know now (shudda - cudda- woodda):(
I'd probably go without.

But then, none of my seven-car collection has ABS, and only one has power brakes. Without power assist, it's much easier to develop a feel for when you're on the threshold of a lockup.

I'd go with it, were it available. After-all: It's only money. I've locked up the rear a few times (intentionally and otherwise), when only a brief crunch was applied. It really is too easy to skid this beast. Who was it:flame: that called the R3, a heifer. Maybe that was to be non-offensive. Stopping this beast is on par with halting a charging bison. Though very fast and extremely agile it takes some effort to stop the beast. The great hunting scene in Dances with Wolves comes to mind.