Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Hello to all. Have been kind of scarce here as of late, havent' I? :confused:

HAVEN'T I ?:mad:

Not that I am neglecting this site or trying to get more personal attention on Shawn's new Street Triple forum (am still waiting for the bike, BTW). It's just that, after 18 months of quasi retirement, I am (hopefully? naively?, mistakenly? restlessly? whatever...) TRYING to help develop a new business venture, namely the IPO of a new Swiss real estate fund.

My ego is not at all at stake. And money is not at issue yet.

But, yes, I have been a bit TOO busy. Cheers, Jamie;)
We thought we were going to lose you during the whole Daytona 675 fiasco, but you can back. Like a good ol' dog, I had faith you'd be back.

You just keep on chasing the almighty buck and miss out on all that sheep lovin.They need attention too that money wont buy..You You never mind..Jack
Bon Jure mon ami

I have missed my good friend form over the pond and to let you know that I am up and getting around very well now.Please inform your wonderful group of riders that I really appreciated all of their well wishes and prayers. Looking at the new Cruiser pretty hard but want to check out some sport types along the way. Like you Jamie I keep very busy and let me know about your IPO as I may have some interest in getting in on it.;)
Thanks. Appreciate the friendship:)

And, largely as a result of your feedback , I AM TAKING FRIDAY NOV. 9 AS A DAY OFF.

"Good ol' dawg" Jamie