Who can summarize all of posts since Christmas for me???


Mar 4, 2006
Bel Air, MD
I have had a really busy life since Christmas. To summarize for all of you...I met a girl in August, we both love each other very much and like all good shotgun relationships we are getting married on Friday :bch:. Seriously though, I couldn't be happier and we are both a bit older and have to get a move on if we want kids. Soooo....what have I missed? Who can summarize what has been going on here lately??? :roll:

Hey, fellow "old guard" (4 years now?) Vonbonds: Welcome back here and:

What has happened in your absence? We adopted a Pastor! Apart from that, some of us noticed that englisch zpelling was going down the drain. Most of us lamented adverse weather conditions, whether too clement or too rough for the season. And, just as if you had never left, we kept on comparing colors, pipes, tunes etc. , with some wit and/or existential vagaries on the side:) .
Congrats vonbonds! You should wait til it's warmer to have the ceramony & see if a few captains could be bestmen (ride up your way to visit). Doubt if it would ever happen that way but the thought is what counts.

Winter sure has it's grip on most of us. Delirious thoughts are starting to evolve from several captains. Most of us are dreaming of what we can do to enhance the horsies under us, be it with more "umph" or more eye candy. Some really cool looking rides out there these days. I wish I didn't have the kids & wife to take care of, that way I could take a lot of the ideas being thrown out here & make them happen on my ride.

You take care, and the future certainly will be a change for you. Give the gal a hug for me please.

See ya.
Vonbonds-Welcome to the club

Nice to see you will be joining the ranks of the married clan. Don't forget to put up the toliet seat and pick up your drawers, if you do that you will be fine. Congrad's man, you haven't missed a thing.

I really enjoyed meeting you in Sedalia last year. You impressed the hell out of me iron butting all the way back! But now I figure that ironbutt was to get back to someone. Could not be happier for you. I hope she likes to ride! So what has happened since you dropped out? Flip got a tatoo, PastorFreak had his tatoo's removed and painted his bike pink. I was falsly accused of having a fetish for my Rockets rear tire because I called it sexy. E-bay is evil. And winter makes bikers nuts! Great to have you back!
Congrats Tom!!

Let's see... I have one foot in the grave and the other fell off.... and the aliens figured out how to get through the aluminum foil.... so things are pretty much normal.