What is this plug?


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Mar 5, 2006
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Under the left side cover the plug that is dangling under the number 2 and 3 relays. I can't figure it out from the wiring diagram either. The image is from page 417 of the Service Manual. It does have power that is switched with the ignition. I am looking for a place to tie into for power for a com system. It would be handy if this would work. Anyone have any suggestions where to go for fused and switched power. Maybe one of the unused connectors under the fuel tank?

Did you ever get an answer to the question. I asked the same on another post. I was looking for a power supply. It is, I believe, a fuse socket. For what I don't know.
I believe that it's the heated grips aux circuit. I cut the tail off and I'm using it to power a relay for my GPS harness.

Pillion accessory plug: Hairdryer, curling iron, lighted vanity mirror, heated shave cream dispenser, travel iron, two cup coffee maker, and inflatable port-a-potty enclosure with optional shower head.:)

I think someone did say it's for heated grips, but could certainly be used for other stuff, i.e. heated suit, jacket or even GPS.
I asked Pig9r about it in a private message sometime ago. Mine hangs down behind the right sidecover next to the seat. It don't show in the shop manual wiring diagram and it's hot, well, I don't know if it's switched or not, I probed it with the bike running.

I kinda thought it was a place to hook up a battery tender.
Factory Alarm Hook Up

Hondax - You forgot about your massaging sofa seat.

Factory alarm! I'll buy that one for $200. In my wildest dreams:eek:

Anyone install a factory alarm??
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Hondax - You forgot about your massaging sofa seat.


Factory alarm! I'll buy that one for $200. In my wildest dreams

If it worked we could wait for the next 50% off sale.:D
Sure heard lots of mixed reviews on them. Kinda pisses ya off when your factory alarm prevents you from starting your bike.:mad:

Anyone install a factory alarm??

Come on,......... fess up!!:roll:


When I find strange plugs like that and can't find my meter I just stick my tongue in it and turn on the ign. U really can tell if it's switched. Tastes bitter.. Jack