What kind of ISP do you use?

  • Dial up / 56K

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • DSL

    Votes: 27 35.1%
  • High Speed Cable

    Votes: 37 48.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 11 14.3%

  • Total voters
We surf at 512K speeds but downloads are slower. Since we live in the country, and my boyz and their friends are gamers, we needed high speed broadband with no delay. DSL was too slow and unavailable, no cable service, direct satellite has a delay so we settled for this:

How it Works

ShoMeCom provides high speed Internet service via a state-of-the-art wireless broadband system. Unlike DSL or cable modem we do not depend on the availability of legacy telephone or cable TV infrastructure. Unlike satellite our performance does not suffer from the delay associated with a 23,000-mile path up and down.

A small radio mounted at the customer's location connects directly to one of our base stations located within 10 miles. The base stations are in turn connected to a high speed OC3 connection to the Internet. The air-link between the customer and the base station is a proprietary system that uses authentication and encryption to protect against rogue users and attackers.

The customer antenna connects to a broadband router via a standard CAT 5 ethernet cable. A surge suppressor and grounding is included to protect the customer's equipment from lightning or static discharges. An AC adapter powers the antenna over the CAT 5 cable. The router is an administrative demarcation point that allows customers to build their home network independently. ShoMeCom believes that home networking is an area of tremendous innovation that we wish to enhance.
Soooo... that would be "Other"? :D

Actually, a lot of people outside of the KC metro area have the same problem finding any kind of ISP that isn't expensive or slow... that looks like a good solution.

Well thank God Wilbur, cause we don't want the economy's growth to go reeling out of control because you have world class productivity:roll:.... Plus, you should spend most of your time here....
:) I have the high speed cable connection at my shop and DSL at my home...the DSL has been more reliable for me and it plenty fast.....
smoke signals??

Funny you ask that, I did smell somthing burning...

A NetGear wireless G router and a Gateway laptop with a hard drive so big I have to carry the laptop in a five gallon bucket. Actually, I got the laptop to run AutoCad and interface with my Bridgeport CNC mill, however, I seem to be using it for other things like pin ball and forums.:D

In as much as you are the Guru of R3's, I do have a question and I'm too lazy to post in the tech forum. The cover that covers the plug right below the bear claw thingie toward the front of the engine keeps sliding back and exposing the connector. Can I put a zip tie on it and should I disconnect it and coat it with di-electric grease first or should I just forgetaboutit?