went to the dark side


.040 Over
Mar 25, 2007
Waco, TX

Wednesday, I put a 235/60r16 Mitch Hydro Edge tire on my r3. Here, after 100 miles, are some immediate observations.

With original bike tire:

3K rpms = 74 mph indicated on speedo
65mph indicated on speedo = 60 sec/mile or 60mph

With car tire:
3K rpms = 79 mph indicated on speedo
60mph indicated = 60 sec/mile or 60mph
Just rubs the plastic at the front left of the tire. Have ridden 2up with a 200 pound passenger and didn't rub any worse.

Would post pictures in here, but don't know how.
But its MASSIVE in looks!
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So you are stating the Mitch Hydro has put your speedo right on cue in your opinion? I would like to see a photo. Toystoretom posted "how to post pics/photos" so you'll need to read up so you can show off the new HD condom.

Study Darron, study!
Looks are one thing. Bad handling is another. I had a car tire for 1000 miles, took it off. This bike isn't very nimble to begin with.
Well done Tractor I have been on the darkside for 18 Mths now, I doubt I will go back, never mind the naysayers most of them have never tried it but have an opinion on it.
It doesn't suit everyone but it works for me.
Ride it like ya stole it
bad handling???

Hi Preacher,

I've only rode with the car tire now about 200 miles. Some things have become quickly evident.

First impressions are that this is not scary, but different. It is a relearning process in which what was learned on a bike tire may or may not apply. Such as the fact counter steering is the only way to control the bike especially on uneven terrain. Also finding that the bike is easier to handle behind a semi with the buffeting of the wind. My wife and I took a 30 mile ride last night and it is definitely easier with her on the car tire than with her on the bike tire. (you know how passengers change the feel of the bike vs. one up riding).

Yet, at slow speed on gravel, it is harder to keep smoothly going straight. The bike tends to "wander" a little. I have not "pushed" very hard in curves yet, but have ridden at normal speeds through curves with no slipping, or unnerving feel at all.

The engineering side of me wants to analyze the physics of the differences and will probably do so in the future. But for now its a learning process. And trying to forget the feel of a bike tire.
If any one from the uk wants to try the darkside , I have a wheel and toyo tyre set up that I am looking to sell .

I liked it a lot , in fact could push as hard as , or if not more than the metz .
reason for removing is the wife never found it comfortable


The hitch on my farm tractor looks better than that. Nothing like a dry ball to make your trailer track well. What is with the wires hanging there and the bare connectors? Finally, who welded that? I hope it was free. Not enough heat equates to a gobby, weak weld.

The tire is nice. The rest of it is fugly.

All joking aside. While it most certainly negates the warranty on the R3 to put on a trailer hitch, those welds are really lacking in strength and a little grease on the ball will go a long way mto make your trailer handle better.