Went on a little ride yesterday


.020 Over
Jul 9, 2007
Went on a 691 mile ride yesterday on the R3 from Phoenix to the New Mexico boarder and back. This is the longest ride I've done so far on the rocket, just about doubled the total miles on it now. The seat seems to be getting more comfortable the more I ride it. My average fuel mileage was about 41 MPG and I wasn't at all easy on the throttle. Lots of blasts past slower cars. The bike just hummed along without any problems.
Sounds like the same thing I experience when I "Rocket" along on the road, Sheer Pleasure!

Keep at it, it only gets better as you feel more comfortable astraddle of her. Nothing compaired to being astraddle of the wifey. The Rocket is much more negotiable & cooperative. And fun.

See ya.
Sounds like a neat ride! I love New Mexico, I hunt there sometimes and think it's beautiful country. I'd like to ride there sometime. They may have to rename the state though, I think the whole of the U.S. is the new New Mexico:D